East West Connections consultation East West Connections consultation

Neilson Street, Onehunga

Consultation status: closed 26 August 2016.

We propose making some improvements at Neilson Street in Onehunga as part of the East West Connections project.

The work involves creating 4 lanes (increasing from 2) on Neilson Street between Alfred Street and Angle Street and making changes to parking in this area.

Proposed changes

  • Creating a clearway and no stopping zone (broken yellow lines) on Neilson Street between Alfred and Angle Streets from 6am-7pm  Monday to Friday. This doesn’t apply to those parking on weekends and evenings.
  • Marking out four lanes on the existing Neilson Street.
  • Installing a new 3 metre footpath alongside Waikaraka Park to Captain Springs Road.
  • Adding a timber boardwalk alongside the park to link to the new footpath.
  • Installing a new sign at Waikaraka Park.
  • Installing new pedestrian crossings at Captain Springs Road.

Map showing the proposed Neilson Street improvements

Neilson Street improvements

The changes means that parking in this area will still be available on Alfred Street, Captain Springs Road and other side streets off Neilson Street.  If you have customer parking at your business on Neilson Street, we encourage you to advise your customers that they can park on your premises.


  • Improving travel times and relieving congestion for motorists and freight along Neilson Street.
  • Improved walking and cycling facilities alongside Waikaraka Park will make it easier and safer to access the park.
  • Delivering some early benefits to the Onehunga area, particularly for local business owners, truck operators and customers who are moving in and out of the area every day.
  • Work is scheduled to take place before the Waterview Tunnel opens and traffic flows change on State Highway 20 (in early 2017).


Feedback from the East West Connections consultation in mid 2015 showed that overall improvements to Neilson Street were supported, particularly to help relieve the significant congestion that is experienced both on the road and on the approaches to SH1 and SH20.

Better access to walking and cycling in this area was also supported.


  • August 2016: Consultation.
  • September 2016:  Feedback analysis.
  • September to late 2016: Construction.

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Feedback on the Neilson Street improvements closed on 26 August 2016.

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