Onehunga-Penrose connections Onehunga-Penrose connections

This project aims to improve travel times and reliability of journeys between business in the industrial area of Onehunga-Penrose and State Highways 1 and 20. The project will also improve walking and cycling connections in the area and journey-time reliability for buses between SH20 and Onehunga town centre.

This area currently suffers from significant congestion, especially at the approaches to SH20 and SH1, which hinders freight movements and restricts productivity and economic growth.


  • Improved travel times and reliability between businesses in the Onehunga–Penrose industrial area and State Highways 1 and 20.
  • Improved safety and accessibility for cycling and walking between Māngere Bridge, Onehunga, and Sylvia Park.
  • Improved journey time reliability for buses between SH20 and Onehunga town centre.

The project is being delivered jointly by Auckland Transport (AT) and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

Project details

Following evaluation and public feedback on 6 short-listed options in 2014 and 2015, a full connection between SH1 and SH20 was identified as the best long-term solution to the transport needs in the area. The new connection is expected to be a limited access state highway, not a motorway.

The project is being delivered in stages:

  • Stage 1 - early enabling works (currently underway):
    • Shoulder bus lanes on SH20 south of MHX and auxiliary lanes on SH20 between Queenstown Road and Neilson Road.
    • Removal of a rail bridge and lowering of Neilson Street (scheduled for late December 2016 and January 2017).
    • New footpaths alongside Waikaraka Park
    • 4-lane marking of part of Neilson Street in order to better handle expected traffic increases once the Waterview Tunnels are opened.
  • Stage 2 - main east-west corridor along the edge of Mangere Inlet (to follow later once NZTA has progressed planning and consenting).

Onehunga Penrose project mapProposed improvements

These are indicative and we'll work closely with the community as this project develops to understand and address potential impacts.

1. Widening SH20

  • New lanes are currently being built on both sides of SH20 between Queenstown Road and Neilson Street. These will be completed in February 2017.

2. Neilson Street Interchange

  • Create a new interchange at Neilson Street/SH20 to separate traffic accessing the new foreshore road and Onehunga town centre, move traffic efficiently through the area and reduce the traffic at the Onehunga Mall/Neilson Street intersection.
  • A new connection is being built to link Onehunga Mall to the Wharf and to Orpheus Drive for vehicles, walking and cycling.
  • Widen Onehunga Mall to four lanes and make this a bus and cycle route.
  • Provide a new Galway Connection so that heavy trucks can bypass Onehunga Mall.
  • Lower the EWC in a trench so that access to the Wharf from the Town Centre is achieved. This also provides connections for The Landing and Motel to maintain local road links with Onehunga Town Centre.

3. Onehunga Mall/Neilson Street and Galway Street improvements

Future improvements and improved traffic flow to this connection are possible through the building of the Galway Link which will allow heavy traffic to bypass Onehunga Mall.

4. New road along the foreshore

  • A new four-lane road along the foreshore.
  • A connection from the new road to Galway Street.
  • Connection from the new road to Captain Springs Road.
  • Upgrade of Captain Springs Road.
  • Connection from the new road to Southdown.
  • A connection from the new road to Hugo Johnson Drive (exit from Hugo Johnson left only onto EWC).
  • A connection to Great South Road, possibly grade separated.
  • Creation of three land forms on the water side to manage storm water and pollution capture in wetland plantings.
  • A new walk and cycle boardwalk shared path on the water's edge.
  • A new commuter cycle path on land side.

5. Neilson Street upgrade - completed 15 January 2017

  • 4 lanes on Neilson Street from Alfred to Edinburgh Streets. It was formerly 2 lanes.
  • A new footpath adjacent to Waikaraka Park and a signalised pedestrian crossing at Captain Springs Road.
  • The redundant and steep Neilson Street over-rail bridge was removed and the road lowered by 3m to reduce travel times and make truck movements easier.

6. Road over the railway

  • The new road will continue from the foreshore, bridging over the railway line and connecting into Great South Road and Sylvia Park Road.
  • A connection from new road to Great South Road.
  • A connection from new road to Sylvia Park Road.

7. Extension of the Waikaraka Cycleway

  • A cycleway will be built along the new route to connect the Waikaraka cycleway to Sylvia Park.
  • A new waterside walk and cycle connection shared path.

8. Widening of Sylvia Park Road and ramps onto SH1

  • The majority of Sylvia Park Road would be widened to four lanes.
  • Access from Sylvia Park Road to Mt Wellington Highway would be maintained.
  • Access to Sylvia Park Transport Interchange for buses from EWC.
  • Access to Sylvia Park Transport Interchange for cyclists from EWC.
  • New ramps will be built from Sylvia Park Road, over Mt Wellington Highway, to connect to SH1. These ramps will be used by southbound traffic only.

9. Widening of SH1

  • New lanes on both sides of SH1 between the new ramps and Princess Street.
  • Upgrade of the Panama Road overbridge.
  • Upgrade of Princess Street bridge and ramps.
  • Construction of a new Otahuhu Creek bridge with walk and cycle connections.

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