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Eden Terrace residential parking zone Eden Terrace residential parking zone

Auckland Transport (AT) are looking to implement a Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) for the Eden Terrace community to provide greater parking availability and flexibility for residents, businesses and visitors to the area.

Consultation status: closed on Friday, 29 March 2019
Zone: Central
Timeline: Residential parking zone being implemented on 31 October 2019

Project overview

We proposed a residential parking zone (RPZ) within the Eden Terrace area. The objective of the RPZ is to address overcrowding and provide greater parking availability and flexibility for residents, businesses and visitors to the area.

The RPZ was proposed to have a blanket time restriction of P120, and will operate from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Parking spaces at the New North Road end on King Street and Mostyn Street, beyond Aitken Terrace, will be excluded as well as parking next to the businesses at the top of New Bond Street. All existing ‘No Stopping’ controls and bus stops will be retained.

Eligible residents and businesses (1 per business) within the RPZ can apply for a parking permit, which will exempt them from the time restriction in the area. (All Resident Only Permits and Resident Exempt Permit Holder schemes will be replaced by the RPZ.)

The proposal is in line with AT’s region-wide parking strategy to utilise RPZs in residential areas where commuters take up a significant amount of parking and some residential properties lack off-street parking.


  • Creating greater availability of parking for residents, businesses and visitors to the area by increasing parking turnover.
  • More flexible use of parking, with day coupons available for those that would like longer stays.
  • Convenient and predictable parking for permit-holders.
  • Discourages commuter and non-resident long-term parking.
  • Reduces congestion from vehicles driving around looking for parking spaces.

Revised map of residential parking zone

Revised map of the Een Terrace Residential Parking Zone

Download the revised map of the residential parking zone for Eden Terrace (PDF 91KB).

Parking permits and how to apply

Those living in the residential parking zone (as indicated on the map) will be able to apply for permits to exempt them from the proposed on-street parking time restriction. Residents can also purchase coupons for visitors, which exempts the coupon holder from the time restriction.

To find out more about permits and coupons and how to apply, read about residential parking permits.

Public engagement

From 27 February to 29 March 2019, we sought community feedback on the introduction of a RPZ in Eden Terrace.

In total, we received 205 feedback submissions with 65% of people supportive of the proposal.

After carefully considering all feedback, we will proceed with the RPZ in Eden Terrace with one key change. The zone will now exclude the southern kerbside of Aitken Terrace, directly outside of Business Mixed Use properties. Parking here will remain unrestricted.

Download the full Eden Terrace RPZ feedback report (PDF 901KB).

Next steps

We will aim to implement the RPZ in late October 2019 subject to resource constraints and traffic control processes. Those within the zone will get letters one to two months ahead of the implementation of the scheme.

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