Ellerslie town centre on-street parking changes Ellerslie town centre on-street parking changes

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing some changes to on-street parking in streets around Ellerslie town centre to better manage high parking demand and improve availability.

Feedback is closed 16 September 2018

Project status: Consultation
Project zone: Central

Project overview

On-street parking around Ellerslie town centre is in high demand. It is difficult for residents, their visitors and people visiting local shops to find a parking space. We have received a number of complaints about this issue.

We conducted an extensive investigation into the current parking situation in Ellerslie and found:

  • More than 85% of spaces are occupied during peak times with some streets as high as 98%.
  • Many of those parking in Ellerslie have alternative transport options available to them.

To increase parking turnover and availability, we propose the introduction of P120 parking time restrictions on sections of a number of streets around Ellerslie town centre.


  • Free up spaces for residents and visitors to the area.
  • Provide more parking options for the wider community.
  • Reduce congestion by making it quicker and easier to find a parking space.
  • Encourage motorists to consider other transport options such as public transport, carpooling, cycling or walking.
  • Continue to provide some longer term parking options for those who need it.


  • 20 August 2018 - consultation opens.
  • 16 September 2018 - consultation closes.

Project details

Introduction of P120 parking restrictions

Ellerslie onstreet parking street affected

P120 time-restricted parking is proposed for sections of the following streets:

  • Cawley Street
  • Findlay Street
  • Hewson Street
  • Ramsgate Street
  • Amy Street
  • Main Highway
  • Ladies Mile
  • Arthur Street
  • Robert Street

The P120 time restrictions would apply from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

The current P120 and P60 restrictions in place on some streets will remain, as will all existing ‘no stopping’ controls and bus stops.

Note, the proposed changes would only apply to sections of each street. Around half of the existing unrestricted parking spaces will remain.

This mix of unrestricted and time-restricted parking has been proven to be a flexible solution that helps to better manage parking demand while still providing longer-term parking for those who need it.

Why the changes are needed

Parking on these streets is in high demand and we have received a number of complaints.

The changes in this proposal are in line with our Parking Strategy for managing on-street parking. When more than 85% of the parking spaces on a street are found to be occupied during peak times (the four busiest hours of the day), measures like this are needed to ensure the required level of parking availability is met.

Download a copy of the brochure (PDF 3.6MB)

Longer-term parking

Large sections of each street will remain unrestricted for those that need to park for longer periods of time.

Alternative transport options

If you need to commute to Ellerslie and would like know about the options available to you, please:

Public engagement

We wanted your feedback to help us improve and refine the proposal. Local knowledge will give us a better understanding of the area, the community’s parking needs and any improvements that can be made to the design.

Feedback is closed 16 September 2018

Public feedback

As a result of the public feedback received, Auckland Transport will not proceed with the proposed changes to on-street parking around Ellerslie town centre.

Read the public feedback report - Proposed changes to on-street parking around Ellerslie town centre (PDF 1.7MB).

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