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Federal Street upgrade Federal Street upgrade

Auckland Transport (AT) is working alongside Auckland Council to upgrade Federal Street to create a pedestrian-friendly shared space, where people can work and play.

Project status: Investigation.
Project zone: Central.

Project overview

Federal Street is already a popular route for people to walk and cycle through the middle of central Auckland, and experiences fairly low traffic volumes (in comparison to Queen Street and Hobson Street).

The upgraded Federal Street will create a shared space for more people to enjoy, and provide access to upper and lower parts of the central city and public transport routes on Mayoral Drive and Wellesley Street.


Consultation and construction of the Federal Street upgrade will take place in stages, between 2018 and 2022:

  • Stage 1: Wellesley Street to Victoria Street - Complete.
  • Stage 2: Mayoral Drive to Wellesley Street - Construction scheduled for mid 2019.
  • Stage 3: Victoria Street to Wynham Street - Timing to be determined.
  • Stage 4: Swanson Street to Fanshawe Street - Timing to be determined.

When all stages of the project are complete, Federal Street will form part of Auckland city centre’s ‘laneway circuit’, designed to open up urban spaces and provide routes with good pedestrian access and opportunities for people to connect, enjoy outdoor areas, and access cycleways through other areas of the city.

Recent examples of successful streetscape upgrades in the city centre include Vulcan Lane, Fort Lane, O'Connell Street, Elliott Street, and the SkyCity section of Federal Street (stage 1).

Consultation on the proposed routes and streetscape upgrades to form this circuit was undertaken by Auckland Council as part of the 2012 City Centre Master Plan (CCMP) and City Centre Access Plan (CCAP).

Find out more about the CCMP on the Auckland Council website.


  • Opens up the city centre.
  • Provides good connectivity for commuters coming from western and inner city suburbs.
  • Allows people on bikes to connect with the rest of the City Centre Cycle Network, via Vincent and Hopetoun Streets, and the proposed Victoria Street Cycleway.

See a map of the Federal Street upgrade stages and nearby routes in the City Centre Cycle Network (PDF 1MB)

AT is also making temporary improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities along Federal Street, between Victoria Street and Fanshawe Street. These will be phased out as other stages of the Federal Street upgrade are implemented. Find out more about the temporary improvements.


Projects that make up the laneway circuit are funded by Auckland Council’s city centre targeted rate, paid by city centre residents and business owners.

Stage 2: Mayoral Drive to Wellesley Street

We are proposing a full streetscape upgrade of the section of Federal Street between Mayoral Drive and Wellesley Street.

Our goal is to create an inclusive space where everyone is welcome, which acts as an extension of the living spaces available to nearby apartment buildings and businesses.

Safety issues are a key consideration in this project, and will be addressed through the proposed design features, to include safer pedestrian access to these areas.

A number of separate, private developments in areas nearby, including Saint Matthew-in-the-City, are also planned (these developments are outside of the scope of this project).

Federal Street Upgrade Stage 2_v9-01


Design features of proposal include:

  • Shared path for pedestrians and people on bikes, connecting Mayoral Drive, with Federal Street.
  • Fully-accessible ramp and stair access between Mayoral Drive and Federal Street.
  • Street furniture offering places for people to gather and sit. 
  • Removal of 22 parking spaces. Many businesses in the area have their own parking available, and the Civic car park will not be affected.
  • Loading zones for use from 6am to 11am.
  • Street planting.
  • New lighting to improve safety and visibility.

Design images

Federal Street looking north from Mayoral Drive

Federal St upgrade from Mayoral Dr

Federal Street looking south from Wellesley Street

Federal St upgrade near St Matthews

Federal Street looking south

Federal St upgrade shared space 2

Detailed plans

Download detailed plans for Federal Street from Mayoral Drive to Wellesley Street (PDF 2MB, 9 pages)

Public feedback report - Stage 2 summary

Auckland Transport (AT) and Auckland Council (AC) sought your feedback on Stage 2 of the proposed Federal Street upgrade to create a pedestrian-friendly shared space, where people can work and play. We consulted on this proposal from 20 November to 11 December 2017 and received 81 submissions.

Download the Federal St upgrade stage 2 public feedback report (PDF 1.6MB)

Key themes in feedback

The key themes that came through from your feedback canvassed a range of design, social and parking related suggestions or concerns, including:

  • Strong support for the proposed design overall expressed by 75% of all submitters (61 respondents).
    Concerns about the proposed removal of 22 car park spaces and the impact it might have on local residents, their visitors, or tradespeople (14 respondents).
  • Interest in the trees and plantings for this space, with suggestions on the varieties and placement of these plantings to make it attractive and people-centric (12 respondents).
  • Concerns an upgrade to this space without addressing the issues with loitering and public drinking in the area could detract from its appeal to the public (12 respondents).
  • Traffic calming suggestions to ensure the provision of a safer shared space environment for all people, using all modes of transport (9 respondents).
  • Design suggestions to prevent rough sleeping in this area, to make it feel safer and more attractive to pass through at any time of the day (9 respondents).
  • Concerns about the safety of the connections with Mayoral Drive for people moving to Federal Street on foot or by bike (8 respondents).
  • Seating suggestions to both encourage social behaviour and discourage anti-social behaviour in this area (8 respondents).
  • General suggestions about the overall proposed design to make the space attractive and attuned to the heritage features of surrounding buildings and landmarks (8 respondents).
  • Suggestions to improve security in the area, to make the shared space more welcoming to the public and tourists at all times, particularly at night (7 respondents).

Next steps

The feedback we received has provided very useful information and has allowed us to improve the proposal.

Construction of stage two is expected to begin in late 2019 and will take approximately 9 months to complete.

If you are a resident or business in the area you may have received a construction survey requesting your feedback to help us best assist minimising disruption to you and your place of residence or business.

Construction survey closed Sunday 30 June 2019.

We will be talking to the local businesses and residents on upper Federal Street in the coming months to provide an update once construction dates and staging of the works are clearer.

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