Federal Street walking and cycling improvements Federal Street walking and cycling improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) in partnership with the Auckland Design Office is improving pedestrian and cycling facilities along Federal Street, between Victoria Street and Fanshawe Street. The facilities include a southbound cycle lane, paint build-outs, road marking, and wayfinding signage.

Public feedback closed Sunday 19 August, 2018.

Project status: Consultation.
Project zone: Central.

The facilities are temporary and provide a quiet route through central Auckland, while a larger Federal Street upgrade project is underway. We are using approaches that are relatively low-cost and quick to install. 

These interim improvements include:

  • A protected, southbound (up Federal Street) 'contra-flow' cycle lane.
  • Improved pedestrian facilities in the lower section of Federal Street through upgraded footpath surfacing, road marking and signage.
    • We are also planning to add a pedestrian crossing on Wyndham Street; the exact location of the crossing is yet to be determined.
  • Painted polka dots along sections of the road to create a slower, safer environment for pedestrians and bike riders.

Given Federal Street’s relatively low traffic speeds and volume, people cycling northbound can do so in the general traffic lane, guided by “sharrows” (road markings designed to guide cyclists and alert motorists to their presence).


  • an easy north/south route through central Auckland for pedestrians and people on bike, as an alternative to Hobson Street and Albert Street.
  • a link in the City Centre Cycle Network to the Nelson Street Cycleway, via the future Victoria Street Cycleway.
  • an opportunity to better understand people’s experiences of cycle lanes and shared spaces, which will inform future city centre development projects..

Federal St painting update 7

Image: Completed cycleway and polka dots on Federal Street.

Maps and plans


Working alongside Auckland Council, we’re proposing a permanent streetscape upgrade of Federal Street. When complete, this will form part of Auckland city centre’s ‘laneway circuit’, creating pedestrian-friendly shared spaces where people can work and play.

  • Stage 1 – Wellesley Street West to Victoria Street West – Complete.
  • Stage 2 – Mayoral Drive to Wellesley Street West - Construction begins August 2019.

The Federal Street Walking and Cycling Improvements project will provide interim improvements on Federal Street, between Victoria Street West and Fanshawe Street, while we investigate designs for the permanent streetscape upgrade.

Federal Street

Consultation and construction on the permanent upgrades will take place in stages between 2018 and 2022.

Public engagement

We consulted on the Federal Street walking and cycling improvements between the 18 of June and 19th of August 2018, and received feedback from 247 submitters.

We took this opportunity to consult in a different way whereby we implement the changes first and then asked for feedback as to how it is working. This enabled the changes to be trialled first and enables us to easily make improvements given the components are easier to adjust and lower-cost than permanent changes.

We have created a public feedback report which summarises the feedback received, details Auckland Transport’s response to the feedback and explains the outcomes of consultation. You can now download the report below.

Public feedback report on Federal Street walking and cycling improvements (PDF 1.1MB, 41 pages)


As a direct result of feedback, we will make some enhancements to the Federal Street walking and cycling improvements. We:

  • are investigating improvements to road space between the Court and Rydges hotel
  • have moved the parking bays down by 1 meter on the eastern side of Federal Street between Victoria Street West and Kingston Street, to improve vehicle accessibility for vehicles exiting the carpark at 65 Federal Street
  • are investigating the addition of a disability car parking space
  • will improve the ongoing maintenance, repainting the coloured dots, replanting the plants and improving the plant watering regime
  • will add reflective tape to the planter boxes for improved visibility.


In addition to receiving public feedback, we also wanted to evaluate the changes given it was a new way of constructing cycleways in Auckland.

We commissioned independent research to provide a comprehensive evaluation of Federal Street walking and cycling improvements.

Federal Street Evaluation Report - Mackie Research (PDF 3MB, 47 pages)

Next steps

The construction of these enhancements is scheduled to take place between now and the end of 2019.

The contractors will be in touch with directly affected residents and businesses in advance of any construction occurring.

Wider changes to Federal Street

Auckland Council has proposed laneway circuits through commercial areas in the city centre. The laneways are routes with good pedestrian access and a mix of urban design, retail, and restaurants.

A proposed section of laneway from Aotea Square to the Waterfront includes the Federal Streetscape project, which will create a continuous shared space along the street and supersede the proposed walking and cycling improvements.

Consultation and construction of the Federal Street streetscape upgrade will take place in stages between 2018 and 2022. 

Find out more about the upgrade of Federal Street.