Glenfield Road upgrade Glenfield Road upgrade

Glenfield Road is a major arterial road on the North Shore, used by more than 30,000 vehicles each day, and it is estimated that traffic will increase by approximately 3% per year. The upgrade project will increase traffic capacity, ease congestion and improve pedestrian and cycle safety.

Project completed ahead of schedule

The final stage of Auckland Transport’s $40-million upgrade of Glenfield Road has been completed in 16 months - two months ahead of schedule.

The four-stage project, of which the first three stages were completed under the former North Shore City Council, has resulted in increased traffic capacity and improved pedestrian and cycle safety along the busy arterial road.

Now featuring two lanes in each direction, the widened roadway has helped to ease congestion for the 33,000 vehicles that travel along Glenfield Road every day – a figure that is expected to rise by about three per cent a year.

Covering a one-kilometre stretch from James Street (south) to the Sunset Road intersection, the fourth and final stage of this major upgrade also involved:

  • Building 900 metres of retaining wall;
  • Laying 20 kilometres of ducting and piping underground for utility service upgrades;
  • New 1.5-metre-wide on-road cycle lanes in both directions;
  • Upgrading footpaths;
  • Remedial works at the Wairau Road/Glenfield Road intersection to improve traffic flow and safety;
  • Safer medians and pedestrian crossing points;
  • Bus priority measures at intersections to improve travel times;
  • Re-shaping of the Wairau/Glenfield shopping area car park;
  • New street lights and safety rails;
  • New fences, walls and driveways on private property;
  • Road resurfacing;
  • Landscaping

Auckland Transport and its contractor Fulton Hogan strived to complete the works as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to residents and motorists. The majority of road resealing work was completed over three weekends and at one point 17,000m2 of foam bitumen (used to create the road foundation) was laid in just 72 hours. The work also created a large number of job opportunities, with Fulton Hogan employing more than 500 people over the life of the construction project.

Project overview

Aerial view of Glenfield Road and Wairau Road

Work on the Glenfield Road Project was undertaken in four stages over several years in order to minimise disruption to residents and commuters.

Stage one

The first stage of the Glenfield Road upgrade concentrated on the Sunset/Glenfield Road intersection. Priorities were to increase vehicle capacity, add additional lanes and improve underground services.

Stage two

Stage two saw improvements to the section between Bently Ave and Camrose Place, which included:

  • the installation of two lanes in each direction.
  • the installation of raised planted medians.
  • intersection upgrades.
  • new on-road cycle lanes.
  • widening of footpaths.
  • undergrounding of utility services.
  • road surface upgrade.

Stage three

During stage three, the section of Glenfield Road between Camrose Place and James Street (South) was widened to provide two lanes in each direction. The Hogan/Manuka Road intersection was also upgraded.

Stage four

Stage four focused on the section of Glenfield Road between James Street (South) and Sunset Road. It released all of the benefits from the different stages of the project and will join up to future improvements on Albany Highway.

Contractor Fulton Hogan delivered this final stage of the road upgrade.