Great South Road cycling facilities Great South Road cycling facilities

Auckland Transport is investigating a number of projects to improve the cycling facilities in Southern Auckland. These proposed improvements are part of a larger initiative to upgrade the city's cycle network.

Cyclist Blur 294

Papakura to Drury cycle lane

On-road cycle lanes along Great South Road, extending from the Drury Interchange to Wellington Street, Papakura. 

Great South Cycle 294

Great South Road cycle lane

A shared-use cycle path and on-road cycle lane to connect Great South Road, Takanini, to the existing cycleway network at Taka Street. 

Cyclist Night 294

Bridge Street (Puhinui Road) cycleway

A cycleway linking SH20 to existing cycling facilities on Great South Road and Cavendish Drive. 

These projects are strategically important as they fill in gaps in the Auckland Regional Cycle Network. When completed, they will link up with existing cycling facilities, improving the consistency, connectivity and continuity of the cycle network.

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