Great South Road cycle lane Great South Road cycle lane

The Takanini proposal will provide a shared-use path and, further along the route, an on-road cycle lane to connect Great South Road to the existing cycle lane network at Taka Street.

Project overview

The new cycle facilities will provide a shared-use path (for pedestrians and cyclists) along the eastern side of Great South Road, from Kevale Place to Manuroa Road. At the signal-controlled crossing, this will change to an on-road cycle lane on both sides of the road, joining the existing on-road cycle lane network at Taka Street.

Cyclists travelling north on the path will be required to cross over Great South Road at Manuroa Road, using dedicated cycle-crossing facilities. To return to the western side of the road when travelling north, cyclists will be able to use a refuge island outside 278/295 Great South Road.


2013 - Public consultation on the cycle path design. Feedback fed into further design work.
2014 - Construction of the path begins (April/May).
2015 - Construction complete (December).

Project details


Auckland Transport is grateful for the feedback received during consultation. The feedback and further design work has resulted in the following changes:

Reasons to change the design Changes Result of changes

During peak times, vehicles queue two abreast heading south towards Taka Street.

Increase the length of the two south-bound lanes on Great South Rd heading south towards Taka St.

Nine car parks south of Maru Road will be reduced to four.

Transition from on-road to off road cycling facilities south of Beaumaris Way needs to be away from queuing vehicles so that transition is not blocked.

Move transition further south into an area where parking is currently allowed.

Reduce 19 parks to 16 on Manuroa Road to 144 Great South Road. Reduce 21 park to 18 on Beaumaris Way to 55 Great South Road.

Providing pedestrian crossing facilities outside 305 Great South Road for the Rail Station will potentially lead to vehicle crossing obstruction.

Re-position pedestrian refuge with consideration for driveway obstruction and place “No Stopping At All times” road marking so following vehicles can negotiate around turning vehicle.

Three car parks on the Eastern side and four car parks from the Western side removed.

Unnecessary removal of car parking outside 276 Great South Road.

Utilise existing refuge island further north.

Carparks outside 276 Great South Road no longer required.


The shared-use path will not affect parking, as the cycle lane will run adjacent to parking areas. The only parking that will need to be removed to accommodate this proposal is outside 276/278 Great South Road.

Before removing parking south of Manuroa Road, a parking survey was conducted on a Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. This showed low occupancy.

Parking on a shared-use path is illegal and Parking Enforcement Officers will be monitoring illegal parking once the path is complete.

About cycleways

The proposed cycling facility fills in a gap in the current cycleway network. Research shows that patronage of cycle facilities dramatically increase when they are consistent and continuous throughout a region. AT wants to complete cycleway networks to promote sustainable modes of transport and improve accessibility for a wide range of travellers, not just motorists.

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