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Auckland Transport

Herne Bay cycling and walking improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) proposes making changes to Herne Bay streets to encourage slower driving speeds and improve routes for people walking and cycling in the area.

Project status: Design
Project zone: Central

Project overview

The proposed improvements in Herne Bay are part of a wider cycling network we are creating from Pt Chevalier to the city. The proposal stems from feedback received during our March 2016 consultation, including concerns from the Herne Bay Residents Association about speeding and 'rat running' (using residential side-streets instead of main roads) in the area.

Initially, the preferred option was to provide a connection for cyclists and walkers via Clifton Road, Argyle Street and Sarsfield Street. However, after taking feedback on board, AT has investigated implementing traffic-calming measures (known as "treatments") on several streets rather than a cycle lane on a particular street.

These treatments aim to address the community issues, enhance the look and feel of the Herne Bay area, and improve routes for local people walking or cycling to their local shops, beaches and cafes, or to get to work and attractions in the city centre.

Making physical changes (such as speed tables) to roads is also more effective than changing the speed limit, as the treatments do not rely on speed cameras or a police presence to reduce speed. Similar changes to residential streets in Sandringham and Balmoral have reduced speeds by 5 to 15km/h and made the streets safer and quieter.


  • A slower-speed environment, increasing safety for drivers and cyclists.
  • Reduced rat running.
  • A coherent, attractive route for people on bikes.
  • A safer and more enjoyable environment for pedestrians and children.
  • Enhanced local streets, making them more attractive to residents and road users.
  • Minimised loss of parking.


  • November/December 2016 - Feedback.
  • Late 2017 to June 2018 - Construction (planned).

Project details


The proposal area starts at the Curran Street and Sarsfield Street intersection in Westhaven, runs along Sarsfield Street, and connects with 5 streets between Sarsfield Street and Jervois Road.

The area north of Sarsfield Street and Curran Street intersection is not included as it is still under investigation.

Overview map: locations of traffic-calming treatments.

Herne Bay speed-calming locations map

Proposed changes

We have identified 22 locations for installing traffic-calming treatments that will narrow the width of a road by extending the kerb (using raised islands with plants on them) and adding a raised section of road, known as a "speed table".

There are 4 different types of traffic-calming treatments:

Cross-intersection speed table

Cross-intersection speed table

Cross-intersection speed tables are proposed where local streets intersect with other local streets in all 4 directions.

They are proposed in 3 locations:

  • Where Sarsfield Street intersects with Hamilton Road.
  • Where Sarsfield Street intersects with Sentinel Road.
  • Where Sarsfield Street intersects with Wallace Street.

T-intersection speed table

T-intersection speed table diagram

T-intersection speed tables are proposed where local streets intersect in a "T" shape (as opposed to a "+" shape).

They are proposed in 5 locations:

  • Where Sarsfield Street intersects with Masefield Avenue.
  • Where Sarsfield Street intersects with Lawrence Street.
  • Where Wallace Street intersects with Argyle Street.
  • Where Argyle Street intersects with Clifton Road.
  • Where Clifton Road intersects with Saratoga Avenue.

Mid-block speed table

Mid-block speed table diagram

Mid-block speed tables are proposed in the middle of local residential streets.

This type of speed tables requires the removal of 2 on-street parking spaces at each location (around 18 parking spaces in total). No trees will be removed.

Mid-block speed tables are proposed at 9 locations along:

  • Hamilton Road (2 speed tables).
  • Sentinel Road (2 speed tables).
  • Lawrence Street (2 speed tables).
  • Argyle Street (1 speed table).
  • Wallace Street (1 speed table).
  • Clifton Road (1 speed table).

Boundary speed table

Boundary speed table diagram

Boundary speed tables are proposed where local residential street intersect with arterial roads.

These tables act as a gateway for drivers, signalling that they are entering a lower-speed zone.

They have been proposed at 5 locations:

  • Where Hamilton Road intersects with Jervois Road.
  • Where Sentinel Road intersects with Jervois Road.
  • Where Lawrence Street intersects with Jervois Road.
  • Where Salisbury Road intersects with Jervois Road.
  • Where Sarsfield Street intersects with Curran Street.

Have your say

Feedback on proposed Herne Bay traffic-calming treatments was open from 23 November to 18 December 2016.

Next steps

  • We will consider all the feedback and use it to improve our traffic-calming design for these locations.
  • We will respond to those who provided feedback. We will produce a report that includes a summary of the feedback received, responses to feedback and will outline the final decisions on the project. Please provide your contact details when you provide feedback so we can notify you when the report is available.
  • Construction is planned to commence in late 2017 to June 2018

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