Hingaia Road improvements Hingaia Road improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is upgrading Hingaia Road in Karaka to support housing and employment growth in the area.

Project status: Construction (physical works)
Project zone: South

Project overview

The Hingaia Peninsula is an area in the Auckland region that is experiencing a phenomenal amount of growth. This growth need to be supported by building arterial roads, bus routes, pedestrian facilities, and cycling facilities.

Project objectives

  • transform Hingaia Road, between Pararekau Road and Oakland Road, from a rural road to a key arterial road in the local network to cater for predicted traffic flows
  • widen the existing road to provide 2 additional lanes, one in each direction and a flush median.
  • improve vehicle safety, including safer turning movements at intersections
  • install walking and cycling facilities (off-road cycleway) on both sides of the road which is currently non-existent.


Construction work started in April 2019 by the project contractor firm Higgins Contractors. It is scheduled to take 12 months to complete (weather permitting).

The project is being done in stages to minimise travel disruptions and maintain peak traffic movement:


  • July 2018 - Completed construction of new Papaka Road.
  • November 2018 - Stage 1 widening of Hingaia Road awarded to Higgins.
  • January 2019 - Watercare completed relocation/installation of watermain and rising main infrastructure.
  • April 2019 - Stage 1 Phase 1 work started.
  • December 2019 - Stage 1 Phase 2 started.


  • Increased road capacity and reduced congestion.
  • Improved traffic flows and travel times.
  • Improved vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist safety.
  • Flexibility to support future growth in the area.

Project background

Hingaia Road is a district arterial road that provides a direct connection from Clarks Beach and Waiau Pa to the State Highway 1 (SH1) network and Auckland City. It also provides indirect connections from Patumahoe, Pukekohe and Waiuku to the SH1 network and Auckland City.

The Hingaia Road improvement project will support and compliment the surrounding works in the area including Papaka Road construction, Park Estate - Great South Road intersection and the SH1 pedestrian & cycling bridge.

Stage 1: 

Stage 1 will be done in 3 construction phases from April to November 2019 (weather dependent). The scope of work is in between Bridgeview Road intersection to 189 Hingaia Road approximately.

Overview map of phases 1 to 3 (Stage 1)

Overview construction map of phases 1-3 for Stage 1

Phase 1: South side of Hingaia Road (Completed)

Enabling works started 1 April until to late September with site set-up, service relocation work, footpath upgrade along the South-side of Hingaia Road and installation of new drainage pipe and rain gardens.

Two coat seal pavement widening on south side of Hingaia Road
Two coat seal pavement widening on south side of Hingaia Road.

New footpath cycle path work on south side of Hingaia Road
New footpath cycle path work on south side of Hingaia Road.

New rain garden mulch and planting
New rain garden mulch and planting.

Phase 2: North side of Hingaia Road (Physical works)

Construction on the Northern side of Hingaia Road and start in late December 2019 - April 2020. This will involve service relocation, road widening work, installing new pedestrian footpath and cycle lanes.

Map of Phase 2

Map of Phase 2 - North side of Hingaia Road

Phase 3: Commission work

Installation of traffic lights at the Kuhanui Drive/Papaka Road intersection and localised widening work from January 2020 - April 2020.

Design features

Road widening

A key feature of the upgrade is the widening of Hingaia Road to a 4-lane road, one additional lane on both sides of the road. The proposed additional lanes will improve travel times for buses and vehicles and help reduce congestion along the existing traffic lanes.

Cross section of new road layout for Hingaia Road

Signalised intersection - Kuhanui Drive/Papaka Road

To reduce congestion and improve safety, Hingaia Road intersection with Kuhanui Drive/Papaka Road will be upgraded with:

  • traffic signals to provide more efficient traffic flow along Hingaia Road.
  • additional vehicle lanes on both sides to improve travel times.
  • new traffic signals at the entrance of the Kuhanui Drive/Papaka Road intersection.
  • controlled pedestrians crossing one on each side of the intersection to improve safety (especially for school children who regularly walk and cycle to school).

Map of Kuhanui Drive and Papaka Road signalised intersection

Flush median

Another key feature is the introduction of a painted flush median. During the scheme design stage, several options were assessed with varying lengths of solid median and flush median (painted white diagonal lines) along the centre of the roadway.

Analysis of crash data indicated a high number of crashes and near misses were the result of vehicles trying to turn right into Hingaia Road and out of access ways and driveways with the current 2-lane road layout.

The flush media will provides a wider separation between traffic streams on either side of the road. It also provides a refuge for vehicles turning into and out of driveways. Vehicles can use the flush median to slow down before making a right-hand turn, or to merge into a gap in the traffic flow.


All existing traffic movements on Hingaia Road will be maintained and a safe footpath will be maintained for pedestrians and cyclists to use at all times.

Generally, hours of work are 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. We may need to work outside these hours, and/or work at night on occasion. We will communicate these works in advance and will have a noise management plan in place to ensure disruption and inconvenience is minimised as much as possible.

As a live construction site traffic delays can be expected.

Traffic management

In order to widen the road sections of Hingaia Road, it will be temporarily fenced and closed off for public access:

  • Detours will be in place and traffic controllers will be onsite.
  • Alternative footpath access for people and cyclist will be provided, there may be instances when they may be asked to use the other side of the road for their safety.
  • Traffic diversion signs will be sign-posted.
  • Property access and street parking maintained throughout the temporary closure unless works prohibit. Impacted properties will be directly contacted prior to restrictions taking place.

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