Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area project updates Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area project updates



Update 1

As part of the roading upgrades to serve the Huapai Triangle Special Housing Area, two improvements were made in May/June 2019, to the safety of the railway level crossing in Access Road.

KiwiRail has:

  • Installed a pedestrian maze on both sides of the track on the east side of the road. These mazes are especially widened for cyclists.
  • Increased the warning time for the approach of trains. This also benefits traffic using the level crossing.

These safety improvements are part of the overall upgrade of the Access Road/State Highway 16 intersection. Because they are in the rail corridor AT has paid KiwiRail almost $400,000 to provide these improvements.

Update 2

A number of small trenches are being excavated in the State Highway 16 berms for a short distance either side of the Access Road intersection, between June 13 and (approximately) Friday June 21 2019 (depending on circumstances).

These are not the start of the intersection upgrade works. These minor excavations are to establish the exact location of underground utilities that cross under SH16. These include power, phone and data cables.

The trenches will be excavated and backfilled between 9pm and 3.30am each night. Two lanes (one west-bound and one east-bound) will be closed between these hours and traffic management will be in place to ensure traffic can flow in both directions. There should be minor, if any inconvenience.

Access Road level crossing

Access Road level crossing