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Hurstmere Road streetscape upgrade

AT is upgrading Hurstmere Road, changing it into a one-way street (between Anzac Street and Lake Road) with a cycle lane and redesigned streetscape that prioritises space for people.

Project status: Consultation closed 3 October 2017.
Project zone: North.

Project overview

The Hurstmere Road upgrade will transform one of Takapuna’s main roads into a more people-friendly destination.

Hurstmere Road cross section 1

Image: Artist's impression of the Lake Road end of Hurstmere Road.


  • Hurstmere Road between Anzac Street and Lake Road will become a one-way lane for north-bound traffic (with a 30km/h speed limit and a level surface between road and public space).
  • South-bound traffic will be redirected along Anzac Street and Lake Road.
  • A new south-bound, contra-flow cycle lane.
  • Redesigned streetscape, with more public seating and extra space for pedestrians and businesses.
  • Improved stormwater treatment system.
  • Refurbished vegetation and energy-efficient overhead lighting.


  • Reduced vehicle dominance and improved pedestrian access.
  • Safer, more appealing environment for people.
  • A more flexible streetscape with space for outdoor dining, street activities, and potential for closed-street events.
  • A more appealing and accessible commercial space for local businesses.
  • Improvements to stormwater quality and smarter ecological design.
  • Promotes and celebrates Takapuna’s cultural identity and natural attributes.


  • September 2017: Public feedback on the proposed cycle lane design.
  • Late 2017: Detailed design phase.
  • 2018: Construction.

Key features

One-lane road

The existing 2-way street will become a north-bound one-way street and the speed limit will be reduced to 30km/h.

South-bound traffic will redirect via Anzac Street and Lake Road. Traffic modelling has shown the affected intersections to perform very similarly to current conditions, and within capacity.

Level surface

The level surface between the road and public space will help create a low-speed environment and encourage a more natural flow of people between restaurants, shops, and other businesses, including to and from Hurstmere Green.

Cycle lane

We will install 1.5m-wide, south-bound cycle lane, with a different surface material and clear separation from vehicle traffic.

We will also install additional bicycle parking along the street.

Pedestrian crossings

The upgrade includes various safe and convenient pedestrian crossings for mobility- and visually-impaired people.

Loading zones and vehicle access

There will be 4 loading zones at key locations along Hurstmere Road.

Vehicle access to private lanes and emergency vehicle access to Hurstmere Road will be retained.

Better public space

More outdoor seating, lighting, landscaping, rain gardens, and planters will enhance the natural appeal of the public spaces as well as the shop-front areas.

Greater provision of functional and flexible open space will also allow more opportunity for outdoor dining and events, such as markets, festivals, and open days.

We will also build an in-ground water feature adjacent to Hurstmere Green, which will reflect the connection to Lake Pupuke and Tuff Crater.

Stormwater upgrade

As part of the streetscape upgrade, we will be installing a new stormwater treatment system, which will ensure higher quality water flowing into Takapuna Beach, and will act as an exemplar project in green and sustainable infrastructure.

This will mainly be done through new, modern rain gardens and other stormwater facilities.

Parking changes

There are currently 56 car parks on Hurstmere Road. This will be reduced to 28 angled car parks to reduce vehicle dominance on the street. This has been factored into AT’s parking strategy for the area.

4 mobility parking spaces will be available along the street.

Parking strategy

AT’s parking strategy aims to achieve a balance between use and availability, with pricing designed to promote short-stay use and high turnover. This helps attract more visitors to the area as commuter parking will be minimised. An occupancy rate of 85% ensures parking facilities are well utilised while ensuring there are still spaces available for visitors.

We currently control approximately 2,300 parking spaces in the Takapuna area, the majority of which are on-street. These spaces have a variety of users, over different periods of time. AT’s new paid parking zone (implemented December 2016) aims to bring the management of these spaces in line with the broader strategic direction for parking in town centres.

The current peak demand of approximately 1,500 short-stay parking spaces is projected to increase to 2,000 in the long-term. A new car park on the Gasometer site is proposed to meet this demand, and other solutions are being investigated.

As part of these developments, the sidewalks and footpaths will be upgraded to provide safer and more convenient connections between the car parks and key destinations, including Hurstmere Road.

The potential loss of parking spaces on Hurstmere Road has been factored into AT’s long-term parking analysis for Takapuna, and added to future requirements. We are looking at a number of interim possibilities before the demand is met by a new car park on the Gasometer site.

Panuku Development Auckland are also busy with a number of projects in the area, including the proposed re-development of the Anzac Street car park and the Gasometer site. Visit the Panuku website for more information on these projects.

Collaboration with mana whenua

We’re also working in close collaboration with mana whenua to create an environment that reflects Māori cultural values and local stories, enhancing Takapuna’s beach-side character and promoting Hurstmere Road as a key location that’s valuable for local residents, businesses and visitors.

Design images

View looking north towards Hurstmere Green

Hurstmere Road artists impression 1

View looking north towards Hurstmere Green (at night)

Hurstmere Road artists impression 1 night

Looking south across Hurstmere Green

Hurstmere Road artists impression 2

Looking south across Hurstmere Green (closed street market example)

Hurstmere Road artists impression 2 with gazebos

View looking north

Hurstmere Road artists impression 3

View looking south

Hurstmere Road cross section 2

View looking south (closed street event example)

Hurstmere Road cross section 2 with gazebos

Concept plans

Reasons for the upgrade

The upgrade of Hurstmere Road was identified as a key project in the (former North Shore City Council's) Takapuna Strategic Framework, which set the vision for developing Takapuna. It was also identified in the Auckland Plan as one of the key metropolitan centres for growth and development.

Hurstmere Green’s recent redevelopment, with a more convenient and natural flow of people between the beachfront and the shopping area, will be enhanced by making Hurstmere Road a more people-friendly space.

Hurstmere Road already enjoys a large amount of foot traffic, which is set to increase from population growth and intensification in the area. In order to effectively develop the Takapuna town centre, we need to improve pedestrian facilities to move a greater number of people.

The streetscape is also due for an upgrade from a maintenance and quality perspective, with additional issues around sidewalk quality, overshadowing, street lighting, bird nesting, and vegetation.

This project provides an opportunity to install robust infrastructure that will serve the Takapuna community long into the future.

Have your say

From 6 September to 3 October 2017, we asked for feedback on the proposed Hurstmere Road upgrade design.

We are currently analysing the feedback received and will use it to help refine the design. We will also produce and publish a feedback report.

Any changes will be incorporated in the detailed design phase, before we start construction in 2018.

To minimise disruption, delivery of the Hurstmere Road intersection upgrades will be rolled into the streetscape upgrade work.

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