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Karangahape Road enhancements Karangahape Road enhancements

Karangahape Road (K Road) is a joint project with Auckland Council that aims to preserve the road's unique character, while creating a street environment that supports the local community and meets the needs of a growing population.

Project status: Construction.
Project zone: Central.

Stage 1 construction to start in July

Community engagement began in early 2016, with formal public consultation later that year. Over the years there has been a succession of engagements, community events, street design developments and construction planning with the Karangahape Business Association, residents, property owners, businesses, retailers, Mana Whenua, Waitemata Local Board and wider community.

John Fillmore Contracting Ltd (JFC) is delivering the physical works for the project.

JFC are expected to be onsite from July subject to them receiving appropriate approvals.

Expect changes to traffic lanes and journey times during construction.  There will be some changes to some bus services, check which bus services will be affected on our Roadworks affecting public transport page.

Project overview

K Road is a colourful hub and popular destination, with a flourishing residential and business community. Thousands of people walk along K Road every day and it is one of the busiest cycle routes in Auckland. By 2018, there will be 63 buses travelling between Ponsonby Road and Pitt Street every hour (during peak times).

We want to make K Road a more attractive place for businesses, residents, and its other users while also making sure it is ready for the changes ahead.

Rail is coming uptown to the area around Karangahape Road. When the City Rail Link opens in 2024, the Karangahape Road area will have a new architecturally-designed station, making it easier and quicker for more people to travel to and from the K Road area.

The new station in Mercury Lane will be the deepest of the CRL stations at 32 metres deep and it will have 150m long platforms. The underground platforms will go as far as Beresford Square where there will be another entrance.

A single Alliance is delivering the main CRL works - the stations and tunnels. Read more about the construction updates and background information for the City Rail link work in the area.


  • Improvements for pedestrians.
  • A separated cycleway in each direction that will connect to a network of existing and planned cycleways in the area.
  • Peak hour bus lanes and us stop relocations.
  • Rain gardens, trees and landscaping.
  • Changes to parking.
  • Upgraded street lighting.
  • Street furniture, cycle parking, arts and culture.
  • Opportunities for outdoor dining and street activities.


  • A safer, more appealing pedestrian environment.
  • More space for outdoor dining and street activities.
  • A safer, more attractive route for people on bikes.
  • Improved transport choices for the local community.
  • Improved bus efficiency and reliability.
  • A greener, more attractive environment.
  • An environment that reflects Māori cultural values.


  • June - July 2018 - Community engagement: precinct parking plan, construction plan, street design.
  • August - September 2018 - Community engagement continued.
  • 2nd Quarter 2019 – Contractor appointed and start construction
  • Late 2020 - Construction complete (indicative)


The project is funded by Auckland Council, with AT and central government making up the balance. The budget reflects a design-led project, constructed using high quality materials, appropriate to Karangahape Road’s city centre location and unique character.

Construction staging

Stage 1 construction will be carried out in two sections, at the same time

  1. Ponsonby Road to Howe Street northern side.
  2. From Symonds Street to Upper Queen Street southern side.

In the past few weeks the team have been on the road talking to businesses and residents in Stage 1 about the works and likely impacts, with plans to return later when the construction staging plan is finalised.

For those located outside stage one, the team will meet with you closer to when work starts in your section.

Here’s what we know already:

  • The project area is divided into 12 sections.
  • More than one section may be constructed at a time.

What to expect

We’re upgrading the street so that means:

  • relocating or building new kerbs
  • work to some areas of the footpath
  • installation of new bins, bike racks and seating
  • installing new street lights
  • construction of rain gardens and tree pits
  • new or reconfigured traffic lights.

To achieve this we will:

  • communicate regularly to keep you up to date
  • use ‘temporary traffic management’ such as 30km/hr zones, reduced lanes, managed access to side roads at times, and the temporary location of bus stops
  • sequence works so that disruption is minimised during busy times of the year for businesses
  • schedule delivery of construction materials outside of peak travel hours.

Project details

The Karangahape Road Enhancements project has been divided in to five different sections each with a different design.

A map of the sections of the project

Section 1: Ponsonby Road to Pitt Street (excluding K Road bridge)

Location of section 1

From Ponsonby Road to Pitt Street we are looking to create a greener environment with less clutter on the footpath. This would provide more room for pedestrians, outdoor dining and street activities.

People on bikes will be separated from pedestrians and vehicles, creating a safer environment for all. All kerbside parking will convert to bus lanes during peak hours.

Cross-section of section 1

Cross-section of section 1

Artist impression of section 1

Artist impression of section 1

Section 1A: Karangahape Road bridge

Location of section 1A - K Road bridge

On the Karanghape Road Bridge the focus is on creating a more attractive, safer and more spacious environment for pedestrians and people on bikes. Removal of a traffic lane in each direction and re-positioned bus stops and shelters will create space for a cycleway and a wider footpath.

Cross-section of section 1A

Cross-section of section 1A

Artist impression of section 1A

Bridge - concept design resized

Section 2: Pitt Street to Queen Street

Location of section 2

In this section we are delivering a functional design, with similar features to section 1, which could be upgraded in future. The delivery of City Rail Link and Light Rail will greatly increase pedestrian movement through this section. In future, we could reduce traffic to one lane in either direction and extend the footpath to provide more space for people.

Cross-section of section 2

1521 - K Road - section CC - pitt queen - two lane long term web

Section 3: Queen Street to Symonds Street

Location of section 3: Queen St to Symonds St

On this section, we are using raised cycleways to provide a safe environment for people on bikes while retaining the existing traffic lanes.

Cross-section of section 3

K Road - Post Developed Design copy-16

Artist impression of section 3

Artist impression of section 3

Section 4: Upper Queen Street 

Location of section 4

On this section, a separated cycleway will connect to the network of existing and planned cycleways which provide access to different parts of the city centre and the wider Auckland area. The cycleway on Upper Queen Street is designed for flexibility, in the event of Light Rail construction.

Cross-section of section 4

Cross-section of section 4

Download the full Karangahape enhancements maps (14MB, 9 pages).

Karangahape Road business and pedestrian surveys

In June 2018 we commissioned two community surveys. The first, interviewed Karangahape Road precinct businesses and the other spoke to people on and around Karangahape Road – a ‘pedestrian intercept survey’.

We conducted similar surveys in 2016 and were interested to compare views of the Karangahape Road community then and now. The Karangahape Road Business Association (KBA) helped us shape the survey to be relevant to the precinct and the upcoming construction.

Find out more and download the business survey report (1.7MB)

Changes to parking

Parking and loading zone access will change during construction and once again after the project is complete.

The changes respond to the introduction of peak bus lanes, a cycleway and other pedestrian improvements.

Karangahape Road bus lanes

There are 63 buses travelling between Ponsonby Road and Queen Street every hour during peak times. At the end of construction, buses will have a dedicated bus lane during peak commuting hours in both directions along Karangahape Road. During these times parking and loading will not be available. K Road’s bus lane operation is similar to other bus lanes across Auckland.

Karangahape Road’s bus lane operation times will be Monday to Saturday 7am to 10am and in the afternoon 4pm to 7pm.

In March 2018, we consulted on proposed changes to parking in the Karangahape Road precinct.  Following feedback, a parking plan was developed to maximise parking opportunities within the precinct by prioritising short-stay parking and loading zone access in peak times, once the project is complete.

What to expect after construction is completed:
  • More off-peak loading zones on Karangahape Road. Loading zones become taxi stands after 9pm.
  • Expansion of paid parking to operate in two zones:
    • Karangahape Road and top of side streets, 8am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday.
    • Remainder of side streets 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • Replaced eight taxi stands for parking and mobility spaces.
  • More off-peak mobility spaces.
  • Added 17 extra car parks on Karangahape Road and down side streets.
  • Added extra motorcycle parking.

Download the updated parking plan maps (PDF 855KB)

To find out more and download the parking plan report (PDF 1.2MB, pages 34)

Changes to trees

To accommodate the cycle way and footpath widening, 9 trees will be removed and another 11 relocated within the precinct. The relocated trees will be positioned within the new rain gardens adjacent to their current locations.

20 new trees will be planted, increasing the total number by 11. The main species will be Nikau, with some Pohutukawa or other native species. Rain gardens and low level planting will also ‘green’ the corridor.

Existing Trees on Upper Queen Street and between Queen Street and Symonds Street will be retained with the exception of the tree closest to Canada Street. This will be removed to allow for the new cycleway.

Have your say

Major themes in feedback

Our public consultation on the proposed K Road enhancements ran from 18 October until 20 November 2016.

We received 508 submissions through our online and hard copy feedback forms, with feedback on the whole project as well as on each of the five sections.

We also received feedback through a number of other sources: the K Road Business Association and a survey of its members (140 responses), a survey undertaken by Generation Zero (990 responses), and from the Waitematā Local Board.

Most feedback was strongly supportive of our proposed enhancements. Based on this feedback, we will proceed with the layout as proposed.

Read the full Karangahape Road feedback report (PDF 9MB)

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