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Karangahape Road enhancements project updates Karangahape Road enhancements project updates


5 September

Construction on the Karangahape Road enhancements project is in full swing at each end of the street and our work crew has achieved significant progress.

Here’s an overview of what we’ve achieved since our last update.

Symonds Street corner to Upper Queen Street

From Symonds Street to Upper Queen Street, our crew has been breaking the asphalt and concrete in the first lane of the road beside the footpath. This work is required to form the new kerb and channel for the footpath. We have also installed electrical and communication ducting along the footpath from the cemetery to Upper Queen Street. Removal of the street lights from the building canopies is under way.

Footpath preparation on the corner of Symonds Street and Karangahape Road
Footpath preparation on the corner of Symonds Street and Karangahape Road.

Symonds Street corner to Upper Queen Street – Upcoming work

Due to some design changes, our revised completion date for this section is at the end of November 2019. These changes will improve safety and connections for pedestrians, cyclists and road users.
In the next fortnight, we will begin working on changes to the footpath on the corner of Symonds Street and Karangahape Road. We will also be installing traffic signals, drainage, and the kerb and channel from outside Symonds Street Cemetery to Upper Queen Street.

Ponsonby Road corner to Howe Street

In the Ponsonby Road to Howe Street section, our crew has been undertaking ground investigations and potholing to check the location of underground services, as well as ducting, drainage and footpath works.

At the beginning of the month, the crew completed the project’s first night works to demolish the footpath outside the businesses between Ponsonby Road and Hereford Street. Work included rock breaking, digging out the debris, compacting and asphalting. This work was successfully completed in one night to reduce the impact of construction on these businesses during the day.

Noise and dust mats were put up along the fencing to reduce the impact of noise from construction activity.

10 August

After almost one month since construction began on the Karangahape Road enhancements project, work is well under way in two sections at opposite ends of the road.

As construction continues, please be assured that vehicle and pedestrian access along Karangahape Road will remain open for the duration of the project, with some traffic management changes in place.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve achieved in both sections – from Symonds Street to Upper Queen Street, and the corner of Ponsonby Road to Howe Street.

Symonds Street to Upper Queen Street

At the Symonds Street end of the project, our work crew has been busy digging up the road to remove the footpath and undertake excavations to locate services. Our team has successfully completed this groundwork along with laying the subsoil that goes beneath the pavement, and installation of the catch pit and kerb line. Part of our work has also involved removing the planter boxes along the cemetery wall, to allow room for the new footpath pavement, cycleway and bus lane.

Upcoming work

In the next couple of weeks, our work crew will be working on laying the kerb and channel, and laying foundations for the street lights. We will also start forming the traffic island and installing the ducting for telecommunications and traffic lights.

Reused kerb stones are placed at the Symonds Street end of the project
Reused kerb stones are placed at the Symonds Street end of the project.

Ponsonby Road corner to Howe Street

At the Ponsonby Road end of the project, our other work crew has been digging up the first lane of the road and undertaking excavations to uncover existing services and manholes. Our digger has made steady progress from the corner of Ponsonby Road up to Howe Street since work on this section started last week.

Upcoming work

Our work crew has completed the removal of the kerb line and pavement, and undertaken service investigations in preparation for the installation of drainage. This work will be carried out over the next fortnight, along with more road excavations, and beginning work on subsoil installation.

Excavations at the corner of Hereford St
Excavations at the corner of Hereford Street.

Traffic management and access

Traffic and pedestrian access continues to be managed in each section of the project and includes wayfinding signage for pedestrians, as well as signage, detours and VMS (variable message boards) for road users. Please carefully follow all detours and be sure to take extra care around our construction sites.

There will also be colourful scrim going up along the fencing around our active construction areas.

9 August 

Work on the next section of the project, from the Mobil on the corner of Ponsonby and Karangahape Roads, up to the corner of Howe Street, will begin on Monday 12 August 2019. This section is expected to take up to five months to complete

Changes to traffic management include:

  • temporary 30km/h speed limit
  • the section of cycleway on Ponsonby Road (by the Mobil) and on Great North Road (on left side approach of the Ponsonby/ Karangahape Road intersection) will be temporarily closed during construction.

There will be detours in place for works at the intersection of Hereford Street and Karangahape Road.

July 2019 – Stage 1 construction to start

The project is on

Community engagement began in early 2016, with formal public consultation later that year. Over the years there has been a succession of engagements, community events, street design developments and construction planning with the Karangahape Business Association, residents, property owners, businesses, retailers, Mana Whenua, Waitemata Local Board and wider community. In this update, we are pleased to say the project is on – we have a start date.

We now have onboard John Fillmore Contracting Ltd (JFC) to deliver the physical works for the project. 

JFC has been behind the construction, restoration and transformation of some of Auckland’s most-loved spaces – Silo Park, Aotea Square, Freyberg Square, and the Auckland War Memorial Museum to name a few.    

JFC are expected to be onsite from July, subject to them receiving appropriate approvals.

Expect changes to traffic lanes and journey times during construction.  There will be some changes to some bus services, check which bus services will be affected on our Roadworks affecting public transport page.

Construction staging

Stage 1 construction will be carried out in two sections, at the same time

  1. Ponsonby Road to Howe Street northern side.
  2. From Symonds Street to Upper Queen Street southern side.

In the past few weeks the team have been on the road talking to businesses and residents in Stage 1 about the works and likely impacts, with plans to return later when the construction staging plan is finalised.

For those located outside stage one, the team will meet with you closer to when work starts in your section.

Here’s what we know already:

  • The project area is divided into 12 sections.
  • More than one section may be constructed at a time.

What to expect

We’re upgrading the street so that means:

  • relocating or building new kerbs
  • work to some areas of the footpath
  • installation of new bins, bike racks and seating
  • installing new street lights
  • construction of rain gardens and tree pits
  • new or reconfigured traffic lights.

To achieve this we will:

  • communicate regularly to keep you up to date
  • use ‘temporary traffic management’ such as 30km/hr zones, reduced lanes, managed access to side roads at times, and the temporary location of bus stops
  • sequence works so that disruption is minimised during busy times of the year for businesses
  • schedule delivery of construction materials outside of peak travel hours.

K Road Enhancements works map
Karangahape Road enhancements works map


4 July

Returning for one night only

K Road pop up hub window signsThe Karangahape Road Enhancements Project pop-up hub is back with information and interactive displays about what's being built next year.

The project includes peak-time bus lanes, separated cycleways, new planting and seating, car parking revisions - check out the whole picture.

Address: 290 Karangahape Road
Date: 5 July

Opening hours:

  • Thursday 5 July - 6pm to 10pm.

Construction planning: Meet the team sessions

We want to hear your thoughts on construction planning. Businesses and residents tell us they are concerned about disruption during construction. We’re holding four meet the team sessions, where you can chat about construction with project specialists.

We’re keen to get your thoughts on our initial construction plan including:

  • Construction hours and sequencing.
  • Parking and loading during construction.
  • Customer access.
  • Construction signs and wayfinding.
  • Access in and out of side streets.
  • Worksite hoardings.
  • Activations and events during construction.

We’re keen to get your thoughts on our initial construction plan including:

Your feedback will help set requirements for contractors tendering to construct the project.

Check out our opening hours below:

  • Wednesday 13 June - 8am to 2pm.
  • Friday 15 June - 4pm to 7pm.
  • Saturday 16 June - 12pm to 4pm.
  • Monday 18 June - 4pm to 7pm.

10 June

Footpath works on Karangahape Road starting 10 June.

You told us Karangahape Road’s paved footpath can be slippery, especially in wet weather.

On Sunday to Thursday nights throughout June, we're water-blasting K Road's footpath to improve its grip

Work starts from 10 June and is expected to be complete by the end of the month. Work will take place Sunday to Thursday, 9pm to 5am.

We will work along the southern side of Karangahape Road, from the start of the paved footpath near Symonds Street, to West Terrace. We will then switch to the northern side and work back toward Symonds Street.

We are conscious Karangahape Road has a busy night time economy and a growing residential population so contractor staff and the Enhancements project team will work with the community to minimise disruption.

The map of the working area is shown below:

Footpath Work Notification map

18 May

Parking Plan engagement

In March and early April we asked how you’d like parking to work on Karangahape Road when the enhancement project is complete. We shared the proposed parking plan with the community and asked if we were on the right track and how it could be improved.

We have looked at what you told us and have made changes to the proposed parking plan and submitted these for review before going through the formal process to become legal.

In June we will publish the engagement report and updated parking map. To find out more come along to the pop-up project hub which is opening on Karangahape Road in June (12-19 June) to check out the map and chat to the team about the changes.

9 March

Auckland Transport and Auckland Council want to hear your thoughts on a plan to maximise parking options in and around Karangahape Road once the enhancements project is complete. We have developed the plan with a focus on supporting the local community and visitors to the precinct. It looks to maximise parking availability and turnover by prioritising short stay parking and loading zone access in peak times.

To find out more download the parking plan brochure and maps below:

Download the Karangahape Road enhancements parking plan entire precinct map (PDF 872KB)

Download the Karangahape Road enhancements parking plan brochure (PDF 1.6MB)

Download the Karangahape Road enhancements parking plan maps (PDF 5MB)

When you have reviewed the information and have no further questions you can:

Have your say – Karangahape Road enhancements parking plan feedback.

To make it easy for you take a closer look at changes to specific locations on Karangahape Road we have divided the precinct into five sections in the map below.

Once you have identified the sections you are interested in you can review in the detailed parking plan maps.

K Rd Parking Plan A4 web map all sections

If you would like to find out more before submitting your feedback you can attend one of the drop in sessions below.

Drop in sessions:

  • Monday 12 March – 8am to 12pm
  • Wednesday 14 March – 3pm to 7pm
  • Friday 16 March – 8am to 12pm

Where: CorpStudio, Level 1, 86 Pitt Street (Above Leo O’Malley)

Engagement with the community is open from Monday 12 March to 1 April 2018.

Download the Karangahape Road enhancements parking plan flyer (PDF 1MB)


22 December

What's been happening and what happens next

K Road is a large and complex project and we’ve involved technical specialists from AT, Auckland Council, and the community, to help us achieve a great design. Beca Engineering were appointed in July 2017 as the key consultancy to lead this process, focusing on aspects such as road design, traffic flow, safety, drainage, lighting, and landscape design.

Throughout 2017, we have worked with mana whenua, the Waitemata Local Board, the Auckland City Centre Advisory Board and the K Road Business Association to seek their input and keep them informed.

Maintaining K Road’s unique character and heritage through great urban design is key to this project. The K Road community best understands what makes K Road special, so in October we convened a diverse, 12-member design reference group made up of residents, property owners, business people, and retailers. We sought their feedback on design elements such as street furniture, lighting, and design and colour enhancements.

The design reference group has met three times since October and will continue into 2018 with an expanding focus on things like parking, project staging, and meeting the needs of K Road businesses.

From January 2018, we will start a monthly project newsletter, keeping you informed of progress and seeking your feedback on aspects of the project which you can subscribe to and select K Road enhancements.

We understand the high level of interest in a parking plan for the K Road precinct, during construction and once works are completed. Our parking team is preparing this plan and we expect to share it with you in February.

Early in the new year, AT and Auckland Council will also discuss with businesses how we can best support you during construction.

Time line and community engagement 2017

  • November 2015 - April 2017 Community Reference Group. 
  • January - June 2017 – contractor tendering.
  • July 2017 – contractor appointed.
  • October 2017 – Waitemata Local Board Workshop.
  • October 2017 – developed design reference group.

Looking ahead you can expect the following time line for key delivery dates on the project

  • January 2018 continued engagement with the K Rd Reference Group, Local Board, KBA, and wider community.
  • February 2018 developed design complete.
  • February 2018 resource consent lodged.
  • April 2018 complete detailed design (available to the community).
  • Mid 2018 to Mid-2019 construction.

Artist impression of section 2