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Auckland Transport

Research and previous feedback

Throughout the development of this project, we've surveyed local businesses and people on K Road, as well as gathering community feedback online and at three events.

Surveys and reports

In developing initial plans, we wanted to understand the travel habits of K Road businesses and pedestrians and their thoughts on proposed enhancements.

Percentage of customers arriving by car

Percentage Of Customers Arriving To K Road By Car

  • Business estimate: 41%
  • Pedestrian survey: 17%

*2% of pedestrians surveyed parked on K Road. Others parked nearby, off-street, or were dropped off.

Pedestrian survey showing the different ways people travel to K Road

Graph showing  how people travel to K Road

On foot: 58%

Bus: 21%

Private car: 17%

Cycle: 3%

Taxi: 1%

We have recorded feedback from a number of community events we have attended.

Previous public feedback

In February/March and again in April/May 2016, we invited feedback from the K Road community (including businesses). On both occasions we sent letters to over 2,800 members of the community, inviting them to provide feedback online or in person.

Read the feedback summary from the April/May 2016 round of feedback (PDF 1.11MB).

Auckland Open Streets

AT were at Open Streets on Sunday 1 May 2016. We asked for feedback on the best way to allocate space between different users of K Road.

We asked what type of cycleway design you think is best for the street. Over 2,000 people voted on the different layout and design options. The results show that separating the cycleway from traffic should be a key design consideration.

Feedback was invited on K Road at Open Streets

Feedback was invited on K Road at Open Streets on 1 May 2016

Consultation boards with feedback from the public

Feedback was invited on K Road at Open Streets on 1 May 2016

K Road preliminary feedback word cloud

Myers Park Medley and White Night

We invited the public to attend 2 community events, Myers Park Medley and White Night.

The community turned out in droves to tell us what they love about K Road and how we could make the streetscape even better. People also gave feedback online.