Kennedy Point ferry terminal upgrade Kennedy Point ferry terminal upgrade

Auckland Transport (AT) is upgrading the Kennedy Point wharf and ferry terminal to future proof them for the next 40 - 50 years.

Project status: Construction 
Project zone: Central

Project overview

The Kennedy Point wharf structure was constructed in 1974 as part of the development of the terminal for vehicle ferries and has been under the management of a number of legacy organisations since. Auckland Transport has now taken over management of the facility.

These works are designed to repair or replace ageing structures to ensure that the Kennedy Point terminal continues to cater for residents and visitors and to ensure the terminal’s operational capability continues well into the future.

We have worked with a range of organisations, groups and individuals over the past 18 months to ensure this project delivers outcomes that meet the demands of both commercial operators and the wider community. Our partners on this project include Ngati Paoa, vehicle ferry and vessel operators, Auckland Council and the Waiheke Island Local Board.

The main wharf design also includes significant seismic upgrades to ensure the terminal will offer continuity of access and operation for any natural disaster relief operation.


  • The wharf will continue to provide appropriate facilities for all terminal users for the next 40-50 years.
  • Meets the needs of modern traffic and increasing numbers of heavy vehicles.
  • The upgraded western ramp will provide alternative berthage for bulk material vessels.
  • Roading and street lighting improvements to provide a safer facility for all users.


  • September 2018 – Stage 1: Reconstruction of the currently redundant western ramp.
  • December 2019 – Stage 2: Reconstruction of the main wharf structure.

Project details

Constructions stages

Stage 1

Stage 1 is now completed. The work on the western vessel ramp was finished in December 2018.

The work on Stage 1 included:

  • Extending and widening the western ramp adjacent to the main wharf structure. This advance set of works will enable current operators to vacate the main wharf structure whilst Stage 2 works are undertaken without affecting their operations or business whilst also ensuring alternate and/or additional large berthing to meet future demands.
  • Install two marine separation dolphins. These will protect and separate between commercial vessel at the wharf and recreational vessels using the adjacent public boat ramp and pontoon.

The completed ramp extension
Caption: The completed ramp extension.

Kennedy Point worsksite - drone
Caption: Work has begun on stage 1 of the Kennedy Point ferry terminal upgrade.

Stage 2:

  • Full replacement of the main retaining structure, concrete capping beam, fender system and surfacing.

Stage 3:

  • Full replacement of the main retaining structure, concrete capping beam, fender system and surfacing.
  • The lower section of Donald Bruce Road, and areas affected by the works, will be reconstructed or resealed to meet modern traffic needs.
  • Upgrade of the terminal street lighting.

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