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Auckland Transport

Lincoln Road upgrade

Auckland Transport (AT) is planning a major upgrade of Lincoln Road between Te Pai Place and the North Western Motorway (SH16).

Project status: Preliminary design
Project zone: West

Project overview

Lincoln Rd2

The proposed upgrade of Lincoln Road aims to:

  • Widen the road to provide an additional bus/T3 transit lane on each side.
  • Install an on-road kerbside cycleway segregated from the transit lane on both sides of the road.
  • Upgrade existing intersections.
  • Build a solid raised and planted median to replace the existing painted median.
  • Upgrade traffic signals and implement stormwater treatments.
  • Relocate and upgrade existing utility services.
  • Integrate with the NZ Transport Agency's motorway interchange upgrade at Lincoln Road.


The proposed upgrade will bring many benefits for those living, working and travelling along Lincoln Road including:

  • Increased capacity and reduced congestion.
  • Iimproved traffic flow and travel times.
  • Improved vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian safety.
  • Improved infrastructure and minimised surface flooding.


December 2013 to February 2014 - First round of consultation
September 2014 - Feedback to submitters.
October 2015 to May 2016 - Preliminary design. Technical report and drafting of the notice of requirement (NoR) application, which specifies the intention to purchase land from nominated properties, and in some case to purchase whole properties.
February 2016 to May 2016 - Project update with affected property owners and affected/interested parties.
May 2016 to June 2017 - NoR processes.
July 2017 to June 2020 - Hold up period (due to lack of funds).
July 2020 to December 2022 - Detailed design and land-take.
July 2020 to June 2022 -  Consenting processes.
April 2023 to April 2025 - Construction.

All future dates are projections. Final timelines are to be confirmed and are subject to availability of funds.

Project details

Lincoln Road is the busiest regional arterial road in west Auckland, used by 42,000 vehicles per day. It has a poor road safety record, with a total of 446 crashes recorded between 2008 and 2012 (crossing and turning collisions account for 36% of crashes).

Lincoln Road is identified in the Auckland Plan as a ‘growth corridor’, primarily for business, light industrial and residential. It is also a key feeder road for Auckland’s Western Ring Route.

The road's strategic importance, its existing safety and congestion issues and an expected growth in traffic volumes along the route, make it a priority for upgrading.

View the proposed preliminary design plan (PDF 4.2MB)

Upgrade features

Additional transit lanes

Lincoln Road TriangleA key feature of the upgrade is the widening of Lincoln Road to 6 lanes to include a bus and high occupancy vehicle (T3 transit) lane on both sides of the road.

The proposed additional lanes will improve travel times for buses and other vehicles with three or more people and help reduce congestion along the existing traffic lanes.

Transit lanes are reserved for:

  • Buses and taxis.
  • Vehicles carrying no less than the number of persons specified on the transit lane signage (eg. T3 means there must be a minimum of three people in the vehicle, including the driver).
  • Cycles, motorcycles and mopeds.

The upgrade forms an integral piece of the future Henderson to Albany frequent bus network.

Intersection improvements

Lincoln Road Universal

Lincoln Road’s intersections with Triangle Road/Central Park Drive, Te Pai Place/Pomaria Road and Universal Drive will be upgraded to reduce congestion and improve safety.

The improvements include:

  • Upgraded traffic signals to provide more efficient traffic flow along the route.
  • Additional bus and high-occupancy vehicle lanes on both sides to improve travel times for buses and help reduce congestion on the existing traffic lanes.
  • Additional right-turn lanes on Central Park Drive and Triangle Road.
  • Additional left-turn lane on Pomaria Road.
  • New traffic signals at the entrance of the Lincoln North Shopping Centre on Universal Drive.

Improved cycling and walking facilities

Segregated cycling facility (off-road, Copenhagen style) will be installed on both sides of the road, providing improved access and isolation for both pedestrians and cyclists from each other and general traffic. This is part of a larger initiative by AT to upgrade Auckland’s cycle network.

Other improvements include advanced stop boxes (green cyclist-only stopping areas) at signalised intersections, raised speed tables (a long speed hump with a flat section in the middle) to reduce vehicle speeds at the entrance to side roads and slip lanes, and connections with existing cycle facilities on side roads.

Lincoln Cross Section

Solid median to improve safety

Another key feature is the introduction of solid planted median to replace the existing painted median. While the solid median will restrict right-hand movements from the centre of Lincoln Road in some locations, With a 6-lane road (3 traffic lanes in each direction), the solid median will significantly improve safety for both motorists and pedestrians.

Access will still be possible using existing routes and new U-turn facilities at some intersections.

Stormwater treatments

The upgrade will give Lincoln Road the ability to accommodate predicted traffic growth generated by future developments and provide for the development of a neighbourhood bus interchange proposed near the motorway.

The upgrade will also be designed to integrate with the NZ Transport Agency’s motorway interchange upgrade at Lincoln Road.

Utility services will be relocated and upgraded as part of the works and stormwater treatments implemented to minimise surface flooding.
Landscaping works will also improve the visual appeal of the route.

Public engagement

October 2016 to November 2016

Notice of requirement for designation

On 14 October, Auckland Council publicly notified the notice of requirement for designation for the Lincoln Road upgrade. Affected parties have been sent a copy of the public notice and information outlining the NoR process. 

Public submissions are open until 14 November 2016.

View the NoR documents and make a submission at the Auckland Council website

NoR documents and background information can also be viewed during business hours at:

  • Henderson Masset Local Board Office, 4 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson.
  • Henderson Service Centre, 6 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson.
  • Waitakere Central Library, 3 Ratanui Street, Henderson.

Find out more about the notice of requirement process.

February/ March 2016

Property owners individually notified of whether AT intends to purchase some or all of their property.

The latest version of the Lincoln Road upgrade incorporating feedback from previous consultation rounds will be shared with:

  • Affected property owners.
  • Tenants.
  • The wider catchment around Lincoln Road deemed to be indirectly affected by or interested in the proposals.

AT will also seek feedback from these stakeholders.

Tenants will be advised to contact their landlords to enquire if land is to be purchased from the property and to discuss any implications.

November 2015

Consultation resumed and continuing with iwi on design/cultural matters.

December 2013 to February 2014

AT consulted with property owners, residents and other interested parties about the Lincoln Road upgrade proposal.

The consultation was conducted online, by post, and at public meetings. The responses received were evaluated and used in making decisions about different aspects of the proposed upgrade.

The major issues identified by submitters were:

Bus/T3 lane in both directions

AT proposes widening Lincoln Road to include a bus/T3 lane in both directions. This would convert to a bus-only lane when demand is great enough.

  • 23 submissions supported having bus lanes.
  • 25 submissions suggested that if Lincoln Road is to be widened a bus lane should be installed immediately and not also be a T3.
  • 17 submissions supported T3 lanes.
  • 27 submissions supported T2 instead of T3 lanes.
  • 19 submissions suggested converting an existing road lane to T3.


  • It may not be possible to make bus-only lanes immediately but the suggestion is being explored.
  • Many more vehicles would use the transit lane if it is a T2 and this would interfere with the efficiency of the bus service.
  • Converting an existing lane to T3 was explored and will cause greater congestion and delays because it will restrict the majority of vehicles to one lane.

Off-road shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists

AT proposes having off-road shared paths on either side of Lincoln Road for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • 16 submissions appreciated improved cycling provisions and another four supported improved pedestrian provisions.
  • 60 submissions favoured separated cycle-ways.


A separated facility for cyclists will be investigated as part of the detailed design.

Solid median

AT proposes having a raised solid median enabling centreline planting and restricts right turn opportunities, including right turns to and from driveways.

  • 29 submissions supported a solid median.
  • six submissions opposed a solid median.


With clear support for the solid median, AT will include this in the final design.

Preston Avenue

AT's proposal included connecting Preston Avenue to Lincoln Road.

  • 31 submissions opposed this aspect of the proposal.


Because of the clear majority opposed, AT won't make a vehicle connection between Preston Avenue to Lincoln Road.

Other measures

AT's proposals covered a variety of other measures, such as pedestrian crossings, slip lanes, right turns, and signals.

Thirty-nine submissions were received in relation to these issues, but no more than 5 submissions on any one individually.

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