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Long Bay Transport ProgrammeLong Bay

The Long Bay Transport Programme is a series of road upgrades designed to cater for future growth in the area.

Project status: On hold
Project zone: North

Project overview

New developments underway in Long Bay will deliver about 2,800 new homes and a small commercial area by 2020. To connect to these new development areas and to cater for the increase in traffic movement, the local roading network needs to be upgraded.

The Long Bay Transport Programme consists of 3 projects:

  • Capacity improvements to the intersection of East Coast Road with Glenvar Road.
  • Widening of East Coast Road (to 4 lanes) between Lonely Track Road and Oteha Valley Road.
  • Upgrade of sections of Glenvar Road, Okura River Road, Vaughans Road and Ashley Avenue.


  • Improved access and circulation to and from the Long Bay area and the wider urban transport network.
  • Improved functionality of entry points and major routes to and from the Long Bay area.
  • Routes that are appropriate for public transport and emergency services as well as general transport (cycling, walking, private and commercial vehicles).
  • Connectivity and alternative routing in the event of closure of a section of the network.
  • Improved environmental outcomes for the road corridors.


The initial stages of development have been connected to Beach Road and Ashley Avenue.

Project details

New residential and commercial developments in Long Bay are forecast to generate approximately 28,000 extra daily traffic movements in and out of, and around, Long Bay. As a result, the local roading network needs to be upgraded to increase capacity and connect to the new developments.

The Auckland District Plan (and the Auckland Unitary Plan) – Auckland Council’s guiding document for land development – identifies the need for four road connections to cater for growth in the lower reaches of Long Bay.

Glenvar Ridge Road Development Map

Development in Long Bay will be connected to the existing transport network via 3 existing roads: Ashley Avenue, Beach Road and Vaughans Road.

As part of its Long Bay Transport Programme, AT has looked at options for upgrading its 2 main routes to the new development area: a southern corridor via East Coast Road and Glenvar Road, and a northern corridor via Okura River Road and Vaughans Road.

The southern corridor is AT’s priority because it will carry the most traffic in and out of Long Bay. AT is focusing its investment on this route.

The timing of investment in the northern corridor will depend on the rate of growth in the Long Bay area.

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