Matakana pedestrian and cycle bridge Matakana pedestrian and cycle bridge

The new Matakana pedestrian and cycle bridge is a key feature of the Matakana Coast Trail, a world class recreation and adventure trail that runs from Pūhoi in the south to Mangawhai in the north.

Project status: Completed.
Project zone: North.

Project overview

Artist impression of Matakana pedestrian and cycle bridge

The new bridge provides safe and convenient access to the popular Matakana Village area and is a joint public–private partnership initiative funded and supported by the Matakana Coast Trail Trust, the Rodney Local Board, and Auckland Transport.

AT is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of the new pedestrian and cycle bridge, which runs parallel to the existing bridge over the Matakana River.

The new bridge will be a key feature of the Matakana Coast Trail, a world class recreation and adventure trail that runs between Puhoi and Mangawhai.

Special thanks and appreciation are also extended to the Matakana Community Group for their ongoing support and commitment to this project.


Construction: late April to December 2016.

Project update

12 December 2016

The Matakana pedestrian and cycle bridge is now open.

matakana bridge opening

September 2016

During September we should see on site:

  • The pedestrian and cycle bridge (constructed in Levin) will be transported to Matakana in two pieces.
  • Bracing piles will be installed.
  • The brackets connecting the bridge to the pile supports will be built and installed.
  • The bridge should be lifted into position on to the truss and pile supports.
  • Final finishing of the pedestrian and cycle bridge on-site.
  • Installation of streetlights.

Within the next month we should see:

  • Construction of the footpath and crossing.
  • Landscaping.
  • Road line-marking and sign installation.
  • Tidying up of the site and public opening. 

August 2016

The Matakana Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge project is progressing well. So far we have:

  • Erected scaffolding under the bridge for a Ferro Scan to find the reinforcing bars within the bridge support.
  • Used the Ferro Scan to design a support truss for the new pedestrian bridge.
  • Installed and connected the new Vector termination pole east of the bridge.
  • Built and installed the brackets holding new power ducts to the existing bridge.
  • Overseen the pedestrian cycle bridge construction in Levin. It will be transported up to Matakana in August.
  • Installed underground power cables and developed a lighting plan for the underground power supply.
  • Manufactured the steel truss to hold the wooden bridge.

During August we expect to have:

  • Removed the overhead power lines and switched the power to underground supply.
  • Installed piles and abutments.
  • Installed the steel truss to support the pedestrian and cycle bridge.
  • Started construction of the footpath.

By early September the bridge will be moved to the site and installed. We also expect to finish the remaining landscaping and footpath work.

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