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Auckland Transport

Medallion Drive

Auckland Transport is implementing a project to protect a route for an improved road link between Oteha Valley Road and Fairview Avenue.

Project status: Investigation
Project zone: Central

Project purpose

Medallion Drive aerial view

Fairview Avenue currently connects Oteha Valley Road to future residential land to the north.The current alignment of Fairview Avenue has a one-lane bridge that is close to the intersection with Oteha Valley Road.

Traffic volumes are high on Oteha Valley Road and the intersection at Fairview Avenue is prone to congestion. 

To provide for future development, there's a need to provide an efficient route for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians to safely and efficiently move around the area.

Opportunities for improved pedestrian and cycling connections between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue, across Oteha Valley Road, have also been considered during the option investigation phase of this project.

The current phase of the project seeks to obtain a designation in the District Plan to protect the preferred route for this road link, known as the Medallion Drive (Oteha to Fairview) Link.

Option evaluation

Auckland Transport has completed the option-evaluation phase which sought to identify the preferred option for providing an improved road link.

As part of the Albany Structure Plan planning process and the consideration of resource consents to development sites in the area, that various options for a new link road have already been identified. 

However, Auckland Transport is required by the Resource Management Act to undertake its own option evaluation to confirm a preferred option for the road link.

Road link options

Seven potential options for the link were short-listed, including:

  • Three ‘do minimum’ options, where the existing Fairview Avenue route would be used;
  • Three ‘short link’ options, where a new direct link would be constructed through 56 Fairview Avenue, between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue; and
  • One ‘long link’ option, where a new link would be constructed through 56 Fairview Avenue.

Each of the options were evaluated against land use and social, urban design, transportation, environmental and economic assessment criteria.

A summary of each option is provided below:

Options 1 to 3

  • Option 1 - Retain existing Fairview Avenue environment, with no physical changes
  • Option 2 - Widening Fairview Avenue by constructing a two-lane bridge
  • Option 3 - Widening Fairview Avenue by constructing a two-lane bridge and upgrading the Fairview Avenue / Oteha Valley Road intersection 

Options 4 to 6

  • Option 4 – New short link through 56 Fairview Avenue with a roundabout at the Fairview Avenue / Medallion Drive intersection;
  • Option 5 – New short link through 56 Fairview Avenue with a T-intersection at the Fairview Avenue / Medallion Drive intersection;
  • Option 6 – New short link through 56 Fairview Avenue with part of Fairview Avenue realigned to provide a more direct link to the retirement village. 

Further investigation was also undertaken into three potential options for improving the Oteha Valley Road and Medallion Drive intersection including:

  • New traffic signals
  • Relocating the intersection 40 metres to the east, or
  • New traffic signals with restricted left hand turning into the Medallion Drive link.

Option 7

  • Option 7 – New long link through 56 Fairview Avenue, with a straighter yet 300m long link to the northern section of Fairview Avenue, following the existing contours and shape of the land.

Preferred option: new short link

Medallion Drive preferred option

A new short link option extending Medallion Drive through 56 Fairview Avenue to connect with Fairview Avenue has been chosen as the preferred option.

This will involve:

  • Constructing a T-intersection (Option 5) at the Medallion Drive / Fairview Avenue intersection; and
  • Upgrading the existing roundabout at the Oteha Valley Road / Medallion Drive intersection to a signalised intersection.

Overall, the option evaluation highlighted that the short-link options to extend the existing Medallion Drive directly through to Fairview Avenue would provide a preferred outcome.

All of the short-link options performed acceptably in terms of traffic flows and will result in increased distance from the SH1 Interchange. They all provided for a connection to a signalised intersection at Oteha Valley Road, which will provide for improved pedestrian and cycling connections. Option 5A has been confirmed as the preferred option for the Notice of Requirement.

Oteha Valley Road

The T-intersection (Option 5) at Fairview Avenue has additional benefits in terms of a reduction in the land take and earthworks required to construct. A T-intersection is also more supportive of pedestrian movements than a roundabout.

A signalised intersection at the current location on Oteha Valley Road (Option A), which allows vehicles to turn left into the new Medallion Drive Link, was preferred.

While this option required additional land take, it was preferred in terms of its ability to facilitate future residential growth and to optimise the traffic flows through the intersection (including providing for future HOV lanes).

Land requirements

Auckland Transport has identified the amount of land required to construct the new road link. This includes land required for the formed road, footpaths and berms and sufficient land to provide for construction.

This is the land that will be designated to protect the route from being developed for other land uses. The designation will also include land required in the future to upgrade Fairview Avenue to provide for the construction of the intersection with the new road link.  

Public involvement and consultation

Now that Auckland Transport has confirmed a preferred option for the Medallion Drive Link, a Notice of Requirement will be served on Auckland Council in order to designate the land required for the new road.

Medallion Drive process

Funding to construct the route is not included in the Regional Land Transport Programme until post-2015/16. Although the road will not be built for approximately 5 years, planning early allows certainty for landowners in the area as to the location and land required for the route

Auckland Transport is planning to serve the Notice of Requirement in November 2012. This aim of this consultation is to inform key stakeholders about the designation process for this new road and to help them to stay involved.

The various elements of the designation process under the Resource Management Act 1991 are illustrated below, including the legal timeframes and opportunities for public involvement. 

The public will be kept informed of the designation process and opportunities for public participation via:

  • Notification adverts in the North Shore Times;
  • letter to key stakeholders advising that the Notice of Requirement for the Medallion Drive Link has been served on Auckland Council.

You need to lodge a submission to stay involved in the later stages of the process, such as having your say if a Hearing is set, or lodging an appeal.

Once the designation is put in place, the land required for the proposed road will be identified on the Auckland District Plan. 

Auckland Transport (as the requiring authority) may then do anything allowed by the designation. A designation also places restrictions on what anyone other than the requiring authority may do on the designated land, without first getting the requiring authority’s written approval.

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