Mercari Way/Don McKinnon Drive intersection Mercari Way & Don McKinnon Dr

Auckland Transport (AT) is upgrading the intersection of Mercari Way and Don McKinnon Drive in Albany. AT will replace the current roundabout with a signalised intersection.

Project status: On hold
Project zone: North

Project overview

The Mercari Way/Don McKinnon Drive intersection is a 4-arm, multi-lane roundabout. It is located south of Westfield Shopping Centre in Albany and is one of the main entry points to the centre.

The Auckland Plan identifies Albany centre as a growth area for retail, service businesses and residential development. This growth will increase traffic volumes on the local road network and increase congestion at key intersections. The upgrade will improve the operation of the Mercari Way/Don McKinnon Drive intersection and reduce traffic congestion expected in the future.


The upgrade will increase intersection capacity (the amount of vehicles that can use the intersection without significant delays), reducing traffic congestion during busy periods and improving safety for all users.


The timing of construction of the new intersection layout is currently uncertain. Construction depends on further retail developments in the Albany retail area going forward.

AT will know the construction time frame once the timing of these developments is confirmed. Before works begin on site, AT will carry out an information campaign to raise awareness.

Project details

Key features

  • Right-turn bays on all approaches to the intersection.
  • Two right-turn bays on Don McKinnon Drive for vehicles turning south onto Mercari Way (heading towards Albany Expressway).
  • A raised central median on all approaches to the intersection. 
  • Dedicated cycle lanes (on-road) and advanced stop boxes on all approaches to the intersection.
  • Shared walking and cycling paths (off-road) on all approaches to the intersection.
  • Dedicated walking facilities through the intersection as well as signal phases for pedestrians.

Final scheme plan of Mercari Way intersection

Mercari Way Intersection Map

Design considerations

AT also considered other options to improve the capacity of the intersection. Traffic modelling showed that the other options wouldn't accommodate future traffic volumes as well as the signalised intersection.

Some options also required land take from private properties and created safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists.

Property issues

The upgrade will affect properties located on both sides of Mercari Way, from SH17 to the roundabout. It will also affect certain sections of Don McKinnon Drive and Corinthian Drive. The upgrade as outlined doesn't require any land purchase.

Consultation and public feedback

Consultation closed on 4 July 2014.

The report on public feedback outlines the key themes raised through the process and AT's repsonse to those themes.

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