Mount Roskill, Britton Avenue to Monte Cecilia Park - Cycling and walking improvements Mount Roskill, Britton Avenue to Monte Cecilia Park - Cycling and walking improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) and Puketāpapa Local Board are working towards creating greater walking and cycling connections in Mount Roskill.

Project status: Consultation - closed Friday 26 July 2019
Project zone: Central

Project overview

We recently asked for your feedback on the Safer Communities project, on which an update is due shortly. The focus of this separate project is to create good walking and cycling access between Monte Cecilia Park and the Mt Roskill School Campus. This will connect to the end of the Eastern Dominion Road Safe Route which joins Frost Road on the northern edge of the Mt Roskill Primary School playing field.

Mount Roskill - Walking and Cycling - Speedtable web
Proposed raised table crossing on Hayr Road.


The project, led by the Puketāpapa Local Board, aims to add to the existing SH20 cycleway, parks and coastal walkways within the area. It will enhance the area through new measures such as:

  • improved paths,
  • speed humps,
  • new plantings.

The new paths are designed to make it easier for the community to access community spaces and facilities. Children will also be able to use the paths to walk or cycle to schools in the area.

The project links to the Mount Roskill Safer Communities project as well as AT’s wider strategy to provide people with more travel choices, creating greater and safer connections across Auckland’s transport network.

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  • 26 July 2019 - feedback closed.
  • October - public consultation feedback report available.
  • Late 2019 - construction commences.

Project details

Our transportation engineers have selected a variety of measures including traffic islands, speed humps, a raised table crossing, kerb extensions and a shared cycling/walking path*.

The type and location of each proposed safety measure is based on a variety of criteria. These include:

  • Proximity to schools or other locations where there are a higher number of people walking or on bikes.
  • International best practice guidelines for positioning measures to reduce speed in residential areas.
  • Space available between driveways and/or bus stops.
  • Whether roads are bus routes.

*Please note that the shared path between Dormwell and Hayr roads will require users to be considerate of each other.

Map of proposed changes

Mt Roskill cycling and walking connection map

Download map of proposed changes for Mount Roskill cycling and walking improvements (PDF 806KB).

Public consultation

We wanted your feedback to help us improve our plans for the area. Local knowledge will help give us a better understanding of the community, your needs and any improvements that can be made to the design.

We asked you to tell us whether you have:

  • Any issues or suggested changes regarding the specific measures used and/or locations of the measures.
  • Any other comments or suggestions on improving the walking and cycling connections in Mount Roskill.

Download the Mount Roskill walking and cycling consultation brochure (PDF 2.6MB).

Feedback results

Read the public consultation feedback report (PDF 620KB)

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