Mt Eden Rd bus network improvements Mt Eden Rd bus network improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing changes to Mt Eden Road to improve bus speed and reliability, and pedestrian safety.

Project status: Design
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Mt Eden Road is a major corridor for the bus network, transporting thousands of commuters in the morning and evening peaks. Given the increasing demand for transport in Auckland and limited opportunities for increasing road capacity in urban areas, it is important that we make effective use of the available road space.

We have identified a number of bus priority measures along Mt Eden Road that will improve the operation of the network and enable us to add more buses to the route. We have also identified opportunities to improve pedestrian safety.


  • Time savings for public transport users.
  • Improved reliability of bus services.
  • Faster, better alternatives to travel by car.


  • December 2016: Feedback on proposed changes.
  • March 2017: Construction begins.

Project details

Proposed changes on Mt Eden Road

  • Standardising the yellow ‘no stopping’ lines on either side of bus stops to allow 15m leading up to the stop and 9m leading out of the stop. This will allow for buses to fully pull into and safely pull out of the bus stops.
  • Standardising bus stop lengths to 15m – this may mean lengthening or shortening some stops.
  • Re-positioning bus stops where access is restricted or for safety reasons (i.e. provide for better sight lines). Bus shelters will be relocated, if required, where bus stops are repositioned.
  • Installing double bus stops at busy locations.
  • Standardise the bus lane width to 3.2m - this may require road-widening or the flush median may be narrowed in places.
  • Extending peak bus lane hours of operation by 1 hour - 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm.
  • Extending the bus lane network along Mt Eden Road south from Roskill Way to Grahame Breed Drive.

Some of these changes may result in the loss of parking on the road. The reallocation is necessary in these cases to most efficiently use the available space to move people around the city and ease congestion.

Pedestrian safety improvements (including signalised crossings)

  • Outside Three Kings School (just south of Grahame Breed Drive).
  • At 922 Mt Eden Road (where there is currently a pedestrian refuge).

Road markings and signage will be updated to reflect all the changes.

Design plans

Download the new bus lane design plans (PDF 1.24MB)

Have your say

Feedback on the proposed designs was open from to 2 December to 18 December 2016.

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