Neilson Street upgrade Neilson Street upgrade

Carrying more than 4,000 freight vehicles a day and with an average daily traffic volume of 30,000 vehicles, Neilson St, Onehunga, is reaching capacity. This project aims to allow the street to continue playing a major role as a freight route.

Project status: Complete
Project zone: Central

Project purpose

Neilson Street, between Church Street and Gloucester Park Road, is a major freight route that enables goods and services to move between the port, airport, motorways and adjacent arterial roads. This east-west connection is the primary role of Neilson Street and is important for Auckland’s economic growth, particularly with the Penrose/Onehunga area identified as a business growth area.

The $4.5-million upgrade project will provide overall improvements in journey time, ease congestion and provide for more efficient freight supply chains. This project also includes a strong focus on improving pedestrian safety at key intersections and improving accessibility.

The project has been developed over a number of years with consultation with affected landowners. 


  • Two through-lanes in both directions;
  • An additional southbound transit lane (T2 lane) from Neilson St into Gloucester Park Rd and onto the southbound motorway on-ramp;
  • A flush median complemented by turning bays;
  • New footpaths and signalised crossings making it safer for pedestrians.

The widening work will improve the traffic-carrying capacity of the road by up to 25 per cent, and reduce bottlenecks through the provision of additional lanes (including the T2 lane to the new motorway).


The Neilson St upgrade was planned in three stages for implementation between 2011 and 2013 (excluding the Rugby World Cup period), from Onehunga Mall intersection to the motorway on-ramp. This has now been completed.

  • Stage 1 (completed): Neilson St / Onehunga Mall intersection upgrade and improvements to the Neilson Street off-ramp (Late April 2011 - early August 2011)
  • Stage 2 (completed): Widening of Neilson St from Onehunga Mall to the new motorway on-ramp at Gloucester Park Rd (November 2011 - March 2012)
  • Stage 3: Increasing capacity of the Neilson Street motorway on-ramp and off-ramp (January 2013 - August 2013)

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