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Nelson Street Cycleway

Nelson Street Cycleway will link the Upper Queen Street bridge to Quay Street via a shared path and separated cycle lanes. The cycleway will be built in 3 phases.

Project status:
Phase 1: Complete
Phase 2: Construction
Phase 3: Design

Project zone: Central

Project overview

Nelson Street Cycleway will form a crucial part of the cycle network in Auckland, connecting the shared off-road pedestrian and cycling path on Upper Queen Street to the waterfront at Quay Street.

The cycleway is a mixture of shared pedestrian and cycling paths, cycle path and one-way and two-way on-road cycle lanes separated from the general traffic by raised buffer islands.

Nelson Street Cycleway has funding from the Government through the Urban Cycleways Programme (UCP) and is being jointly delivered by the NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Council, and Auckland Transport (AT).


  • Links with the Northwestern cycle route, Grafton Gully and the waterfront, creating a walking and cycling spine along the western side of the CBD.
  • Provides a key transport route into and around the city, part of a new network of cycleways planned for the city centre.
  • Helps make urban cycling a safer and more attractive transport choice.
  • Supports increased numbers of people choosing to cycle to the city for work, education or recreation activities (increasingly important due to the major improvements proposed in the city in the coming years).
  • Provides thousands of local residents with better travel options within the city (over the last decade, Auckland's CBD has become one of the most densely populated parts of the country).
  • Suitable for cyclists with a variety of confidence levels.

Find out more about AT's cycling and walking programme.


  • Phase 1: Construction completed; open 3 December 2015.
  • Phase 2: Consultation on design closed 5 October 2015. Now under construction.
  • Phase 3: Proposed design underway.

Project details

The project has 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 creates a link from Upper Queen Street to Nelson Street via Canada Street and a new bridge to the old Nelson Street off-ramp. The new bridge and off-ramp are exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists. Phase 1 continues down on the west side of Nelson Street to its intersection with Victoria Street.
  • Phase 2 is on both sides of Nelson Street. The cycleway will run on both sides of Market Place up to Pakenham Street East and connect to a future cycleway at Quay Street. This stage also includes a cycling facility along Pitt Street between Beresford Square and Hobson Street.
  • Phase 3 is the Westhaven to City cycle route. It investigates cycle infrastructure for Market Place and a connection to the Quay Street cycleway via Customs Street West and Lower Hobson Street. The proposed design is still underway and construction will start in late 2017.

Artist's impression of the Nelson Street offramp in the evening

Image: Artist's impression of the Nelson Street offramp in the evening.

Phase 2: Nelson Street to Quay Street and Beresford Square to Hobson Street

As with phase 1, phase 2 of the project focuses on developing Auckland's network of cycle routes and connecting with the Quay Street cycleway.


Construction starts in June 2017 and we expect to be finished by late 2017. 

Work will be carried out on:

  • Nelson Street - both sides, from Victoria Street West to Fanshawe Street. This includes changes to the Nelson Street / Fanshawe Street / Market Place / Sturdee Street intersection.
  • Market Place - both sides, to Pakenham Street East.
  • Pitt Street - along the western side, from Beresford Square to Hopetoun Street. There will also be changes to the Pitt Street / Vincent Street / Hopetoun Street intersection as well as changes to street lighting on both sides of Pitt Street.

Generally hours of work are between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday. Any work required for Sunday or during the night will be notified in advance.

Parking may be temporarily removed from some locations during construction.

Pitt Street/Beresford Square to Hobson Street

This section connects the Nelson Street cycleway with future cycle facilities planned for Karangahape Rd.

  • At this stage, the cycleway stops/starts at Beresford Square and will join into the future Karangahape Rd facility. The cycleway is on the west side of Pitt Street.
  • Between Beresford Square and Hopetoun Street, the facilities are a shared path.
  • At the intersection of Pitt Street and Hopetoun Street, we are removing the left turn slip lane from Pitt to Hopetoun Street to get better amenity for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road.
  • After this intersection, between Hopetoun Street and Hobson Street, a shared path is proposed on the west side of Pitt Street.
  • On the west side of Pitt Street, 3 car parks will be removed. 
  • On the east side of Pitt Street, between Greys Ave and Vincent Street, 7 car parks will be removed to accommodate a new bus stop.

Nelson Street from Victoria Street to Pakenham Street East on Market Place

This section starts at the intersection of Victoria Street West, where it ties into the phase 1 of the cycleway, and ends at Market Place just after the Pakenham Street East intersection.

Nelson street phase 2 street design

Image: Artist's impression of Nelson Street when phase 2 is finished.

  • There will be a combination of on-road cycleways with concrete separators/ rubber speed humps, and delineated cycle path and shared path.
  • The cycleway along the western kerbline will be for cyclists riding northbound (downhill). The cycleway along the eastern kerbline will be for cyclists riding southbound (uphill).
  • To accommodate the cycleway and balance the needs of different users, changes to on-street parking will be required. Eleven parking spaces are removed on the west side and nine on the east side. A car share car park is being moved from the west side to Wyndham St. One loading zone on the west side is removed and one retained near the intersection with Victoria Street.
  • At the Nelson Street / Fanshawe Street intersection, in the northbound direction, a straight through cycle lane will be provided across the intersection. The existing left turn slip lanes and pedestrian refuge island will be removed. The footpath at the southwest corner of this intersection is being built out towards the carriageway to maximise space for pedestrians waiting to cross the intersection. In the southbound direction, people on bikes will cross the intersection using a single independent cyclist crossing onto a cycle ramp at the corner of Fanshawe Street and Nelson Street.
  • To provide room for cycleways on both sides of Market Place, one right turn lane from Market Place to Fanshawe Street will be removed. A new raised speed table will be constructed at the intersection of Market Place and Pakenham Street East to lower the speed environment and enhance the pedestrian environment. Two existing angled car parks in Pakenham St East will be removed. The loading zone in Market Place (between Fanshawe and Pakenham St East) will be removed. A loading zone will be provided in Pakenham St East between Market Place and Sturdee Street.

Feedback report

Public consultation for phase 2 was open from 10 September to 5 October 2015. 

We received 196 feedback submissions in total. The design was carefully considered and refined.

Download the Stage 2 feedback report (PDF 688KB)

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