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Nelson Street Cycleway Nelson Street Cycleway

Nelson Street Cycleway will link the Upper Queen Street bridge to Quay Street via a shared path and separated cycle lanes. 

Project status:
Phase 3 - Market Place: Consultation - closed 8 March 2020.
Phase 2: Complete.
Phase 1: Complete.

Project zone: Central.

Phase 3: Market Place

Auckland Transport (AT) have proposed a new separated cycleway on Market Place.

Artists impression of the Market Place cycleway.
Artists impression of the Market Place section of the Nelson Street cycleway.

This cycleway will improve access into and around the city centre by connecting people on bikes with the Nelson Street cycleway and to the shared path along the viaduct. This completes the city centre cycling loop where people of all ages and abilities can bike around the city centre, separated from traffic.

AT consulted with the community on this cycleway back in 2017 with most people in support.

Our proposal then also included a separated cycleway along Customs Street West and Lower Hobson Street. These routes will be considered post America’s Cup, subject to budget availability.

The changes proposed include:

  • A two way cycle path on one side of Market Place which will be raised and separated by a kerb
  • Widening the footpath by the new cycleway to 4.3 metres (from 3.5 metres)
  • Changing Market Place to be a one way configuration for vehicles (northbound towards the viaduct only)
  • Removing the car parks on one side of Market Place but replacing them on the other side by creating angled car parking
  • Adding new bike racks and seating areas
  • Adding a new pedestrian and bike crossing upon entry to Market Place (near its intersection with Pakenham Street East). This crossing will require the removal of two trees.
  • Adding a new raised intersection at Market Place/ Customs Street West to encourage safer vehicle speeds.
  • Removing a total of 5 car parks to enable the improvements. This includes 2 on Pakenham Street East, 2 on Market Place, and 1 on Customs Street West.

City centre cycling connections

See a map of how this connects with the city centre cycling network (PDF 246KB)

Image of Cross-section of the Market Place cycleway.
Image: Cross-section of the Market Place cycleway.

Cycleway path connections map.
Image: New cycleway route.

Project objectives

The aim of the project is to give people more safe transport options in and around the city centre.

As Auckland’s population increases and more cars join the road network, we are working on finding ways to make it easier and safer for people to walk and use other active modes of travel like riding bikes and e-scooters. The cycle facilities proposed will connect with the wider cycle network and encourage more children and adults to get on bikes – getting cars off the road.

After taking some time to consider feedback and make some further improvements to the design of the cycleway on Market Place, we are now coming back to the community to hear any further thoughts or feedback.

The new cycleway is proposed to be constructed during the second half of 2020, prior to Americas Cup.

Download the Nelson Street cycleway - phase 3 project plans (PDF 360KB)

Public consultation

We asked for your feedback on the changes proposed to Market Place. Local knowledge is very important to us and your feedback helps to ensure the best outcome as you live, work, shop and play in the area.

Feedback is closed 8 March 2020.

Next steps

Your feedback will give us a better understanding of your needs and any improvements that can be made to the proposal. We will use it, along with other factors such as funding, safety and strategic direction to help refine our plans.

Project overview

Nelson Street Cycleway will form a crucial part of the cycle network in Auckland, connecting the shared off-road pedestrian and cycling path on Upper Queen Street to the waterfront at Quay Street.

The cycleway is a mixture of shared pedestrian and cycling paths, cycle path and one-way and two-way on-road cycle lanes separated from the general traffic by raised buffer islands.

Phases and milestones

  • Phase 1: Link Cycleway from Upper Queen Street to Nelson Street via Canada Street; new bridge to the old Nelson Street off-ramp. Opened 3 December 2015.
  • Phase 2: Cycleway running on both sides of Nelson Street from Victoria Street West to Fanshawe Street and on Market Place to Pakenham Street East. The phase also includes a cycling facility along Pitt Street between Beresford Square and Hobson Street. Consultation on design closed October 2015. Work completed December 2017.
  • Phase 3: Completing the cycleway and the central city city centre cycling loop via Customs Street West/Market Place to Quay Street. Market Place is being prioritised first, with Customs Street West and Lower Hobson Street connections to be considered post Americas Cup.


  • Links with the Northwestern cycle route, Grafton Gully and the waterfront, creating a walking and cycling spine along the western side of the CBD.
  • Provides a key transport route into and around the city, part of a new network of cycleways planned for the city centre.
  • Helps make urban cycling a safer and more attractive transport choice.
  • Supports increased numbers of people choosing to cycle to the city for work, education or recreation activities (increasingly important due to the major improvements proposed in the city in the coming years).
  • Provides thousands of local residents with better travel options within the city (over the last decade, Auckland's CBD has become one of the most densely populated parts of the country).
  • Suitable for cyclists with a variety of confidence levels.

Find out more about AT's cycling and walking programme.

Phase 1: Upper Queen Street to Nelson Street link and new bridge

Phase 1 links Upper Queen Street to Nelson Street via Canada Street and a new bridge to the old Nelson Street off-ramp. The cycleway continues down the west side of Nelson Street to its intersection with Victoria Street.

The new bridge and off-ramp are exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists.

Phase 1 of the cycleway (including Te Ara i Whiti - the Lightpath) opened on 3 December 2015.

Phase 2: Nelson Street to Market Place and Beresford Square to Hobson Street

Pitt Street/Beresford Square to Hobson Street

Phase 2 comprises of two sections:

  • Nelson Street (from Victoria Street West) to Market Place just after the Pakenham Street East intersection.
  • Pitt Street/Beresford Square to Hobson Street.

Both sections were completed in December 2017. 

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