Neville Street upgrade Neville Street upgrade

Rehabilitation work on Neville Street and its intersections with Queen Street and Mill Lane began in April 2018.

Project status: Implementation
Project zone: North

Project overview

This work will involve the removal and reconstruction of the road along Neville Street which will be resurfaced and resealed. The rehabilitation work will take place over several stages in order to minimize disruption as much as possible.

The project will involve:

  • Work on the Southern half of Neville Street (Mill Lane to Alnwick Street) will start mid-April. Work will commence on the northern half in early June, after the completion of the Southern half.
  • A partial road closure, between Queen Street and Alnwick Street, will be in effect for the duration of the project with one-way detours or stop-go traffic control being employed to manage traffic.
  • The work is expected to take approximately 10 weeks and be completed by July.
  • Access for businesses and deliveries will be kept open as much as possible.
  • Parking adjacent to work areas will be removed for the shortest possible time.


  • Mid-April - Stage 1 – Neville St South West.
  • Early May - Stage 2 – Neville St South East.
  • Early May - Stage 3 – Neville St Alnwick St Intersection.
  • Late May - Stage 4 – Neville St Mill Ln Intersection.
  • Late May - Stage 5 – Surfacing.
  • Early June - Stage 6 – Neville St North West.
  • Mid June - Stage 7 – Neville St North East.
  • Late June - Stage 8 – Surfacing.

For full information on our contractor Wharehine’s proposed plan for Neville Street, refer to the Neville Street timeline:

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