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New footpath construction

As a part of the new footpath construction programme, Auckland Transport proposes to construct new footpaths in a number of Auckland areas. Other improvements will include associated drainage works, speed control measures and reconstruction of some vehicle crossings as required. 

Areas included in the footpath construction programme

Auckland Central

Marmian Street, Auckland Central - cancelled

ref: 1187-001-100

Marmion Street (PDF 2MB)


Karaka Road from Sunkist Rd to Shelly Bay Rd, Beachlands - completed

ref: 1187-011

Karaka Road (PDF 5.2MB)


Sunkist Bay Rd from Karaka Road to Third View Road, Beachlands - completed

ref: 1187-019

Sunkist Bay Rd (PDF 2.6MB)

East Tamaki

Te Irirangi Drive From 318 to Accent Dr, East Tamaki - completed

ref: 1187-007

Te Irirangi Drive (PDF 2.8MB)


47 Greenhithe Road to Churchouse Road, Greenhithe - to be constructed by August 2013

ref: 1187-006

Greenhithe Road (PDF 2.8MB)

Herald Island

George Avenue from Ferry Parade to The Terrace - cancelled

red: 1187-022

George Ave (PDF 2MB)


Oruarangi Road from No 503 to No 197 Montgomery Rd, Mangere - under construction

ref: 1187-23-100

Oruarangi Road (PDF 7MB)


Straford Road from No 58 to Ranfurly Rd, Manurewa - on hold

ref: 1187-020-100

Stratford Road (PDF 1.8MB)


179 Hill Road, Manurewa - completed

ref: 1187-012-100

179 Hill Road (PDF 2MB)


217 Hill Road, Manurewa - completed

ref: 1187-008

217 Hill Road (PDF 1.7MB)


Newhook Lane, outside Manurewa Library, Manurewa - on hold

ref: 1187-0013

Newhook Lane (PDF 1.7MB)


4 Church Street, Onehunga - completed

ref: 1187-004

Church Street (PDF 1.7MB)


Tironui Station Road East, Papakura - completed

ref: 1187-014

Tironui Station Road (PDF 1.9MB)


Korora Rd from No 3 to Waikare Rd, Waiheke - completed

ref: 1187-015-100

Korora Road (PDF 2MB)


Ostend Road from Ladd Road to Wharf Road, Waiheke - completed

ref: 1187-017-100

Ostend Road (PDF 2.6MB)


Puriri Road from Ociean View Road to beach Pde, Waiheke - completed

ref: 1187-018-100

Puriri Road (PDF 2MB)


Te Toki Road from Wilma Rd to Bay Rd, Waiheke - completed

ref: 1187-016-100-102

Te Toki Road (PDF 5.9MB)


SH 16 Waimauku from Mabbett Ln to Solan Dr., Waimauku - to be completed by December 2013

ref: 1187-005

Mabbbet Lane (PDF 2.5MB)


Seymour Road, from Parrs Cross Rd to Benita Rd, Waitakere - under construction

ref: 1187-009-010

Seymour Road (PDF 5.2MB)


Henderson Valley Road No 348 to 354, Waitakere - under construction

ref: 1187-21 

Henderson Valley (PDF 6MB)


Simpson Road from Metcalfe Road to Babich Road, Waitakere - under construction

ref: 1187-003

Simpson Road (PDF 2.9MB)

Enquiries and comments

Individual letters were sent to affected residents outlining the proposed work, with the opportunty to provide feedback until 10 December 2012.

Please contact us with any comments or enquiries you wish to make about the footpath construction project.