New footpath programme New footpath programme

Auckland Transport (AT) supports walking as a mode of transport, a health and leisure activity, and an ingredient in sustaining local communities. This is all part of making Auckland one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Project status: Construction. 
Project zone: Auckland region.

Footpaths awaiting construction in 2022/2023

  • East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki (No. 375 to Accent Drive)
  • Helvetia Road, Pukekohe (Hooper Ave to No. 43)
  • Munroe Road, Ranui ( No. 43 to Metcalfe Road)
  • Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington ( Aranui Road to Longford Steet)

Footpaths undergoing design and consultation in 2022/2023

  • Te Irirangi Dr, East Tamaki (19 Moravale Lane to Accent Dr)
  • Kitchener Road, Waiuku (No. 89 to Brights Road)
  • Henderson Valley Road, Henderson ( Border Road to Misty Valley Road)
  • Bush Road, Albany (Bushlands ParkDrive to Albany Expressway)
  • Candia Road, Swanson (No. 18 to 40)
  • Walters Road, Takanini (Kaha Road to Opoka Street)

Top-ranking footpaths for investigation

  • Glen Rd, Browns Bay (No. 1 to 3)
  • Link Crescent, Arkles Bay (Rishworth Ave to No. 50 Link Crescent)
  • Henderson Valley Road, Henderson ( Keeling Road to Hickory Ave)
  • Falls Road, Warkworth (Hudson Road to Albert Road)
  • Alice Avenue, Orewa ( Florence Avenue to Edward Avenue)
  • Gulf Harbour Drive, Gulf Harbour (Astrolabe Pl to Regency Park Dr)

Footpaths awaiting construction in 2019/2020

  • Ormiston Road, Flat Bush (248 Ormiston Road to Pencaitland Drive)
  • Ormiston Road, Flat Bush (297 Ormiston Rd)
  • Ararimu Road, Ramarama (SH1 to Ramarama School)

Footpaths undergoing design and consultation in 2019/2020

  • Huia Road, Parau (Shirley Road to Staley Road)
  • Muriwai Road, Waimauku (Rosella Grove to Pollard Lane)
  • Don Buck Road, Massey, footpath widening (324 Don Buck Road to Massey Primary School)
  • Third View Avenue, Beachlands (39 Third View Avenue)
  • Davis Crescent, Newmarket (Carlton Gore Road to Short Street)
  • Great South Road, Mount Wellington (Abattoir Lane to Bell Avenue)
  • Ngahue Drive, Stonefields (Abbotts Way to Norman Lesser Drive)
  • Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale (Silverdale Street to Wainui Road)
  • Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa (Puriri Avenue to 429 Hibiscus Coast Highway)
  • Godley Road, Green Bay, footpath widening (131 to 163 Godley Road)

Top-ranking footpaths for investigation

  • East Tamaki Road, East Tamaki (357 East Tamaki Drive to Accent Drive)
  • Cascades Road, Botany Downs (Botany Road to Botany Creek bridge)
  • East Coast Road, Pinehill (722 to 756 East Coast Road)
  • Helvetia Road, Pukekohe (Hooper Avenue to 41 Helvetia Road)
  • Munroe Road, Ranui (43 Munroe Road to Metcalfe Road)
  • Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale (Whangaparoa Road to Wainui Road)
  • Onetaunga Road, Chatswood (6 to 26 Onetaunga Road)
  • Candia Road, Swanson (50 Candia Road to Burton’s Drive)
  • Morrin Road, Saint Johns (College Road to Stonefields Avenue)

These footpaths are undergoing initial investigation and will be considered for design and consultation pending on constructability, internal approvals and funding confirmation.

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