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New footpath programme New footpath programme

Auckland Transport's (AT) new footpath programme aims to provide new footpaths at different locations across the Auckland region.

Project status: Consultations closed mid-late March 2018.
Project zone: Auckland region.

Project overview

AT supports walking as a mode of transport, a health and leisure activity, and an ingredient in sustaining local communities. This is all part of making Auckland one of the world’s most livable cities.


AT’s Regional Footpath Improvement Programme aims to support walking by:

  • Improving safety for pedestrians of all ages, with clearly defined pedestrian paths away from motorised traffic.
  • Improving access to community facilities such as educational institutions, transport hubs, parks, town centres, and employment areas.
  • Completing missing links in the existing pedestrian networks to support a wider variety of local walking trips and effectively utilise surrounding footpaths.

As part of this programme, we are seeking feedback on proposals to provide a new footpath at different locations across the Auckland region.

Additional improvements could include dropped kerbs to assist pedestrians at intersections, crossing facilities that help facilitate crossing of side roads or main roads where a new footpath terminates, new kerb lines at the road edge, new storm water drains, and reconstruction of dropped kerbs to allow for drivers to access driveways.

AT will also upgrade existing street lighting as required, or install new street lighting near the proposed footpath.


Consultations for the new footpath programme were open in mid-late March 2018. We have considered all feedback received and have notified submitters of the final outcome. Footpaths confirmed for construction will be built by July 2018.

Any contractor assigned to the works will be required to keep residents informed of the timing of works, as well as to manage safety and driveway access at all times.

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