New Lynn & Avondale area cycle improvements New Lynn & Avondale area cycle improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) wants to improve the key cycle routes in New Lynn, Avondale, and the surrounding suburbs.

Project status: Design.
Project area: West.

Project overview

Clark Rankin Intersection Artists Impression

AT and our partners, Auckland Council, NZ Transport Agency, and the Government (through the Urban Cycleways Programme), are working together to create a future where more people feel comfortable riding a bike.

We want to develop a network of cycling routes to make the New Lynn and Avondale area easier and safer to get around.

The area has good potential to get more people travelling to train stations by bike. Initially, New Lynn Train Station is our priority as it’s the third busiest station in Auckland, and will only be a 26-minute train ride from the city once the City Rail Link is constructed.

The area is also growing. To support this growth we want to give people more travel options to get to work, school, and local attractions such as shopping centres, cafés, and parks.

We are already working on the New Lynn to Avondale and the Waterview Shared Paths, and we want to build on these improvements.

Potential features

  • Better bike and walking access to train stations, town centres, and other local attractions.
  • Continuous, high-quality cycle lanes on busy roads, ideally physically separated from general traffic.
  • Reduced traffic speeds and volumes on quieter residential streets.
  • New and improved pedestrian crossing points, footpath enhancements, and bus facilities.
  • New landscaping and improved visual appearance of public spaces, including shopping centres.
  • New wayfinding signage.
  • New cycle parking.


  • Safer, more appealing routes for people on bikes.
  • Reduced traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • Reduced street clutter.

Proposed cycle network

Using submitted feedback, we have developed a proposed cycle network map, showing new cycle routes and when we expect to work on them.

The proposed cycle network will form part of the Auckland Cycle Network. 

New Lynn and Avondale cycle network

Indicative programme (pre-2019 and subject to funding and investigation outcomes)

These routes have high priority for cycling improvements and will be designed and implemented first:

  • Seabrook Avenue.
  • Rankin Avenue and Clark Street intersection.
  • New Lynn to Avondale shared path.
  • New Lynn bike parking. 

Specific work for these routes have yet to be finalised and there will be further engagement with those directly affected. 

Some minor works will also be considered for future minor improvements programmes. 

Potential 2018-28 programme

These projects are subject to future funding decisions:

  • Link Avondale to the Northwestern Cycleway via Rosebank Peninsula.
  • Portage Road from Clark Street to Puriri Street.
  • Great North Road from Clark Street and Victoria Street.

Next steps

  • Produce detailed designs of 'high priority' routes.
  • Share the designs with affected residents and property owners and offer a chance to provide further feedback on them.
  • Begin work on some parts of the network. 

Public engagement

We invited public feedback on this proposal from 1 to 24 June 2016.

We received 556 feedback submissions including:

  • 250 hard-copy feedback forms.
  • 67 online feedback forms.
  • 141 pin-drops on the online map (from 21 individual submitters).
  • 98 pieces of feedback from display boards at events.

We have analysed and considered all this feedback and prepared a public feedback report, as well as a feedback summary map and proposed cycle network map.

Feedback report

Read the feedback and decisions report (PDF 855KB, 21 pages)

Suggested cycle routes and issues or concerns

Submitters identified 260 routes as important to the cycling network and 570 total issues, concerns or barriers that put them off cycling in the area.

When grouped together, these represent 37 types of issues or concerns across 244 locations. 

Feedback summary map

The map shows:

  • The suggested cycle routes and the number of mentions.
  • Locations where issues or concerns were raised and the number of mentions. 

Each location has an ID number, which can be cross-referenced with the corresponding ID number in the Issues and concerns list (XLSX 29KB). The list shows details of each issue or concern (in alphabetical order by street)

View the feedback summary map (PDF 6MB)

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