New North Road cycle safety improvements New North Road cycle safety improvements

A number of parking restrictions have been proposed to make New North Road safer for all road users, particularly cyclists.

Project overview

Cyclist on busy road (image source: AT ARTA)Auckland Transport is committed to making local roads safer for all road users, with a focus on protecting vulnerable road users. This fits in with the organisation's aim, supported by local and national policies, to encourage viable alternative modes of travel.

As part of an Auckland Transport study, a recent safety audit carried out on New North Road has identified a number of areas where physical improvements will enhance safety for cyclists and other road users.

Proposed improvements

Four areas have been identified as potential 'merge conflict points', meaning they are locations where it is difficult for cyclists who have stopped, to rejoin the traffic flow again safely.

The measures that are being proposed to reduce the safety risks for cyclists and other traffic are to make stretches of the road 'no stopping at all times' zones (marked with broken yellow lines). The parking restriction will increase the distance that a cyclist has to merge safely back into the traffic lane, improving safety for all road users.

Locations of proposed parking restrictions:

Feedback given

Deadline for comment closed 13 February 2013 and the implementation of improvements has been completed.