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Beachlands Maraetai service changes

Auckland Transport (AT) held a public survey from 19 October to 2 November 2015 on future bus services for Beachlands and Maraetai, and timetable changes to the Pine Harbour ferry.

Download the Pine Harbour ferry timetable (February 2016)

Project status: Consultation closed.
Project zone: East.

Future bus services for Beachlands and Maraetai

Beachlands and Maraetai are growing areas of Auckland, with an increasing need from the community for quality transport links. As part of a bus network review for the whole Auckland region, we investigated what changes may be required for bus services in Beachlands and Maraetai.

At this initial stage of investigation, we sought feedback on the current bus service to Botany Town Centre via Whitford (589), and on what other bus services may be required to meet people’s needs.

While our aim is to provide a public transport service that fulfils the needs of the community, there are always practical and financial constraints. For example, the Marina would need bus stops with shelters and facilities to turn a bus around in order to provide a ferry feeder service.

Survey results

The Beachlands Maraetai bus and ferry survey received 298 hard copy feedback forms, and 243 online surveys, totaling 541 responses.

Ferry feeder service

One of the key topics investigated in the survey was the viability of trialling a ferry feeder bus service. Results indicated that if we could provide such a service, there would be a moderate level of demand. Submissions also demonstrated that the demand would spread across the whole day.

At present, we would need to make infrastructure changes at Pine Harbour in order to provide such a service. Therefore, even though there is support for a ferry feeder, a number of steps are required before we could implement it.

The current 589 bus service

70% of the people who responded said that they would like the current 589 service changed, while 30% would like to leave the service as it is. Because 177 respondents voted to change the service, compared to 60 respondents who said they currently use the 589 service, this indicates that patronage is likely to grow if changes were made.

When respondents were asked to rank their preferred destinations for a new bus route, Pine Harbour Ferry Terminal was the most preferred option (136 people), followed by Botany Town Centre (126 people) and the Auckland Airport (86 people). However, Botany is still clearly an important destination for residents, because in the question asking people what journeys they would like to make if we changed the 589, the most favoured destination was still Botany Town Centre.

Feedback also indicated that the community would like more frequent services, late evening bus options, and more destination options, for example, a connection to train stations.

Read the survey report

Download the Beachlands-Maraetai 2015 engagement survey report (PDF 544KB, 27 pages)

Read a printed version


  • Beachlands Library, 75 Second View Ave, Beachlands.
  • Maraetai Library, 213 Maraetai Drive, Maraetai.
  • Botany Library, Level 1 Sunset Terrace, Botany Town Centre.
  • Central City Library, 44-46 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD.

AT Service Centres:

  • Botany Customer Service Centre, Town Centre Drive, Botany Town Centre.
  • Britomart Customer Service Centre, 8-10 Queen Street, Auckland CBD.

Local Board Offices:

  • Franklin Local Board, 82 Manukau Road, Pukekohe.
  • Howick Local Board, Shop S447, The Warehouse, 1 Aylesbury Street, Pakuranga Town Centre.

Next steps

The current 589 bus service

Increased frequency

In response to the high level of feedback wanting increased frequency and hours of service, AT will include an improved timetable in the East New Network tender contracts for the current 589 service.

This is proposed to operate from Beachlands and Maraetai to Botany at an hourly frequency between 6am and 8pm, Monday to Friday, and between 7am and 8pm Saturday and Sunday. It is also proposed to operate from Botany to Beachlands and Maraetai at an hourly frequency from Monday to Friday between 6am and 7pm, and between 7am and 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.

If confirmed, this new timetable would be implemented at the same time as the New Network for east Auckland, which is currently planned for the end of 2017.

Alternative routes

The next steps that AT will take towards potential alternative routes, include:

  • Explore alternative destination options from Beachlands-Maraetai or better connection points to other services on the public transport network.
  • Work out potential kilometres and cost for the routes.
  • Seek funding for future services through AT’s budget processes.

Ferry feeder bus service

The next steps that AT will take towards a potential future ferry feeder bus service, include:

  • Investigate possible route options to provide a ferry feeder service.
  • Work out the kilometres and costs for the routes.
  • Work out infrastructure requirements, including investigating bus stops and bus turnaround options at Pine Harbour.
  • Seek funding for future services and infrastructure through AT’s budget processes.

We will also undertake more investigation about the planned development for the area, as this will influence the planning of any new bus routes. New roads can potentially provide better route options, and housing development can help determine the potential usage of a service.

The bigger picture

Over the next few years, a new bus network for Auckland’s metropolitan suburbs is being introduced. As a result, until the New Network is completed (estimated for 2018) there is limited budget available for the infrastructure changes required to provide a ferry feeder service in Beachlands and Maraetai, and to investigate alternative route options.

However, even though funding for new services may not be submitted until 2018, we are investigating if it is possible to increase the frequency and operating hours of the current 589 service when the New Network for east Auckland is introduced, which is currently planned for 2017. This would respond to some of the key interests of the Beachlands-Maraetai community that were reflected in this survey.

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