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New Network for Waiheke New Network for Waiheke

In March/April 2018, Auckland Transport (AT) consulted on proposed new bus routes and timetables for the Waiheke Island. We received 927 responses from individuals and five from organisations.

Project status: Consultation - Online feedback is closed. Paper feedback form submissions closed 27 April 2018.
Project zone: Central

Proposed route and timetable changes

For the purpose of this consultation, the routes have been given letters (routes A to D). Final route numbers will be determined post-consultation.

We propose that all buses go to Matiatia because of the importance of connecting to the Fullers ferry with improved ferry connections for routes A, B and D.

Map of proposed routes for Waiheke

Route A - Onetangi, Ostend, Surfdale, Oneroa, Matiatia

This new route will operate every 30 minutes, 7 days a week. It no longer goes up Waiheke Rd in Onetangi, due to limited patronage.

There have been requests to remove the service along The Strand, we are looking at this as well as two alternatives which we would like you to provide feedback on.

View the proposed timetable for Route A (PDF 41KB).

Route B - Ostend, Palm Beach, Oneroa, Matiatia

This route will operate every 30 minutes, 7 days a week, providing a service from Palm Beach to the ferry and to Ostend.

View the proposed timetable for Route B (PDF 39KB).

Route C - Kennedy Point, Jellicoe Parade, Pacific Parade, Oneroa, Matiatia

In response to requests for a new service, this bus meets every Kennedy Point ferry 7 days a week. It is not timed to meet every Matiatia ferry but does provide a service to this terminal, retaining the service along Pacific and Jellicoe Parades.

We will investigate providing bus stops along Pacific Parade and Donald Bruce Rd.

View the proposed timetable for Route C (PDF 34KB).

Route D - Rocky Bay, Surfdale, Blackpool, Oneroa, Matiatia

This route provides a service for both Rocky Bay and Blackpool and more direct to Matiatia.

It runs every 30 minutes in peak times but hourly off-peak and on weekends due to limited patronage during these times.

View the proposed timetable for Route D (PDF 37KB).

Current ferry timetables for Waiheke

View the current Fullers Ferries (to/from Auckland) and SeaLink (to/from Half Moon Bay) timetable (PDF 1.74MB).

What the New Network will bring to Waiheke

Patronage on Waiheke buses has steadily been growing, by up to 15% each year.

The proposed changes will improve routes and timetables, and address requests by local Waiheke residents:

  • Route patterns and timetables will be simpler and easier to understand with fewer variations.
  • Each of the new routes will operate more often and consistently all day, 7 days a week.
  • Provide better timings to meet the Matiatia ferry.
  • Provide a more direct route to Matiatia from Rocky Bay.
  • A new service to meet every Kennedy Point ferry.

Accessible resources

Waiheke consultation brochure

Proposed route descriptions

Public engagement

Feedback on the proposed changes to bus routes and timetables for Waiheke has closed. The proposed changes were developed in discussion with the Local Board and the Waiheke Bus Company and consulted on from 19 March to 20 April.

There were no proposed changes to Waiheke school bus services. Fares and passes were also not included in the survey.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback, your feedback is critical to help us make the best decisions.

Waiheke consultation feedback results

The consultation proposed four routes aimed at making route patterns and timetables simpler (with fewer variations) and easier to understand. Other major points receiving broad support from respondents were: better timings to meet every Matiatia ferry; a more direct route to Matiatia from Rocky Bay; and a new service to meet every Kennedy Point ferry from Half Moon Bay.

Other feedback results include:

  • 73% of respondents were residents on the island, 20% have a property on the island, but their main residence elsewhere, and 5% were day visitors or holiday-makers.
  • 79% were aged 45 or more, with 40% over 65.
  • On bus usage itself, some 88% use the bus to catch the ferry, 48% take it around the island but 7% don’t use the bus at all.
  • 95% of respondents catch the Matiatia ferry, and there is good usage of the SeaLink ferry as well: 25% as foot passengers and 39% take their car.
  • Of those who selected one of the three options of where to terminate Route A (the Matiatia to Onetangi service), 53% wish to retain the current termination point on the junction of 7th Avenue and The Strand.
  • For Route D (Matiatia to Rocky Bay) we asked if this route should travel through Ostend via Belgium Street or via the Wharf Road/Ostend Road loop. Thirty-six percent of respondents made a choice: 72% of these chose ‘Via Belgium Street’ and 28% chose ‘Via Wharf Road and Ostend Road’.

As a final question, we asked how much more likely respondents were to take the bus, if the new proposals were implemented. With 93% selecting an option (7% did not know), the responses are:

  • 37% - Somewhat more often or quite a lot more often.
  • 36% - About the same.
  • 21% - Somewhat less often, much less often or never.

Next steps

The revised New Network is still undergoing review and we plan to put these before the AT Board for signoff in early 2019. We will publish the final routes and timetables here.

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