Newmarket level crossing project updates Newmarket level crossing project updates


13 December

Work on the Cowie Street bridge began this week after a dawn blessing by Mana whenua on Friday, 8 December.

We expect to complete site preparation, access works, tree removal/pruning, and the removal and storage of the Pou from Newmarket Park before the Xmas break (22 - 26 December)

Work will resume on 27 December. We expect the bridge and associated road works to be completed in May 2018.

Get more construction details.

25 September

We have published the latest road safety audit for the project.

Read the road safety audit.

6 September 2017

Draft Consent Management Plans for the project construction works have been prepared. 

Read the consent management plans.

11 August

A second community liaison meeting will be held on 21 August 2017 to discuss the design prior to construction tendering. 

A draft Construction Environmental Management Plan for the project construction works has been prepared, with other consent management plans to follow.

Read the draft plan.

29 May

The appeal to Environment Court has now been resolved, and detailed design is being concluded. We have prepared a draft pre-construction communication and consultation plan to guide how AT will communicate with, and manage feedback from, key stakeholders on the project throughout this final stage of the design.

Comments on the plan's content were open until 19 June.


7 November 

The independent planning commissioners' recommendation for a bridge to replace the Sarawia Street level crossing has been appealed. We are currently working with those who lodged the appeal to address their concerns. 

If this is unsuccessful, an Environment Court hearing (most likely in early 2017) will decide whether the appeal should be upheld. 

1 August 

The AT Board has formally accepted the recommendation by independent planning commissioners for the construction of a bridge to replace Sarawia Street level crossing.

Later this year we expect to consult with the community on aspects of the bridge design.

16 June

AT has received approval from independent planning commissioners for the construction of the Cowie Street overbridge that will replace the Sarawia Street level crossing.

AT has 30 working days to review and formally accept the recommendation.


9 October

AT has lodged a Notice of Requirement (NoR) and associated resource consent applications with Auckland Council. The NoR and consent applications are publicly notified, which means anyone can make a submission in support or opposition.

Submitters will be invited to have their say at a hearing held in front of independent commissioners. Submissions close 18 November 2015.

11 May

On 29 April, AT held a community meeting to present the bridge design which we will apply for consents to build. The design was developed using feedback from local residents during consultation in late 2014.


3 November

The Auckland Transport Board has upheld its decision to proceed with the Cowie Street overbridge option as a replacment for the Sarawia Street level crossing. The Board has published an independent high level review of options along with comments from it's Chairman, Dr Lester Levy.

Read the review of crossing options (PDF 1.3MB) 

17 October

The Auckland Transport Board has commissioned an independent review of all options for the closure of the Sarawia Street level crossing, the results of that review will be announced shortly.

29 September

On 22 September, AT held a community meeting to discuss our assessment of the underpass design submitted by the Cowie Street Residents' Association.

We also discussed initial concept designs for a bridge connecting Cowie Street and Laxon Terrace, which we'll soon mail to the local community for feedback.

View the Community Liaison Group Meeting presentation (PDF 1.25MB)

12 September

AT is holding a community meeting on Monday 22 September 2014 at 6.30pm at the Parnell Community Centre (Parnell Room), 545 Parnell Road, Parnell. We'll discuss our review of an alternative underpass design submitted by the Cowie Street Residents' Association and present some bridge concept designs.

Read the background information related to the alternative underpass proposal.

9 September

The closure of the Newmarket railway level crossing has been rescheduled to 2016 and the new Cowie Street bridge will be completed mid-2016.


The tender to design the bridge has been issued and the award is planned for mid-May. We expect to have a draft design of the bridge in June.


AT has decided how Laxon Terrace will be accessed once the Sarawia Street level crossing (known as the Newmarket level crossing) is closed.



A Scheme Assessment Report has been completed for the project which considers the feasibility and impacts of all identified options.

Among those identified are the three short-listed options presented to the community in December 2012 along with a re-investigation into the feasibility of an underpass linking Sarawia Street and Laxon Terrace.

The recommendations of the report are before the Auckland Transport Board for a decision on a preferred option. The Board is expected to announce its decision on the project early in 2014.


The refined option scope includes:

  • Furneaux Way option: inclusion of a pedestrian/cycle bridge from Cowie Street or Sarawia Street to Laxon Terrace
  • Cowie Street bridge option: no change
  • Newmarket Park option: inclusion of a pedestrian/cycle bridge from Cowie Street or Sarawia Street to Laxon Terrace

The refined options were presented to the Waitemata Local Board.

Background reports and documents

Documents related to Cowie Street Residents' Association Sarawia Street underpass proposal

Newmarket crossing reports and consultation materials

Scheme Assessment Report

The following three files make up the Newmarket Level Crossing Scheme Assessment Report (September 2013), which is published for stakeholders requiring detailed information on the scheme:

Note: The Scheme Assessment report has been redacted to protect the privacy of people, property and professional advice to Auckland Transport.