Northcote Point wharf renewal Northcote Point wharf renewal

Following routine maintenance checks, concerns were raised regarding the wharf structure which led to further testing being undertaken. Northcote Wharf requires significant works, including design, and is closed until repairs can be completed.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: North

Project overview

In 2018, routine maintenance found some structural deterioration of the wharf which meant Auckland Transport (AT) had to close Northcote Point Wharf on a temporary basis for health and safety reasons. Structural assessments of the wharf confirmed that the wooden structure elements under the deck needed to be either repaired or replaced.

Original timeframes to repair the wharf were scheduled for completion at the end of December 2019. However, our final detailed design to re-open this wharf resulted in increased costs which meant we needed to get approval for additional funding.

Additional funding has now been approved and Auckland Transport is pleased to announce that the construction contract for renewal works on the Northcote Point Wharf has been awarded to specialist marine contractor STF. The award date was subject to a substantial delay due to COVID-19 restrictions, however, upon confirmation, the fabrication of gangways and other structural elements has begun at an off-site location.

Repair work is scheduled for completion by approximately the end of 2020 (depending on weather conditions).

While we carry out repair works, we are taking the opportunity to provide ferry users with better shelter, new seating and improved lighting.

Once the repairs have been made, the wharf will still be affected by closures from time to time due to it being in a very exposed location which means services are at times delayed or cancelled due to weather and sea conditions.

While the wharf is closed, ferry passengers will need to depart from Birkenhead Wharf for travel to the city or catch one of our many regular buses from Onewa Road.

Artists impression of the upgrading of Northcote wharf with handrail extension
Artists impression of the upgrading of Northcote wharf.


  • The wharf will once again be safe for the public to use.
  • A more sheltered waiting area for passengers.


  • From December 2019 - start of procurement process and resource consent application submitted.
  • Mid 2020 - consent granted and construction work starts.
  • End of 2020 - construction work to be completed.

Project details

Stage 1: Design (Complete)
  • Auckland Transport had a robust yet cost effective solution designed, with the shortest realistic construction time possible to have this facility re-opened as soon as possible.
Stage 2: De-Construction (Complete)
  • Redundant components of the wharf were removed prior to construction works commencing.
  • In addition, the hydraulic system for the gangway was removed for repairs.
Stage 3: Construction
  • Construction planned to start mid 2020. Wharf head to be reconstructed with improved waiting area, seating, lighting and shelter from the elements.
  • Local businesses and residents will be communicated with prior to work commencing.

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