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Northcote safe cycle route Northcote safe cycle route

The Northcote safe cycle route will create a safe, 5.2km route for pedestrians and people on bikes along Northcote Road, Lake Road, and Queen Street on the North Shore.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: North

Project overview

The Northcote safe cycle route stretches from the Taharoto Road/Northcote Road intersection (near Smales Farm), past Onewa Domain, Northcote Shops, and to Northcote Point.

This project is complete from Queen Street in Northcote Point along Northcote Road and Onewa Road up until State Highway 1. 

View images of the completed sections of the Northcote safe cycle route.

The final section to be completed will be two shared path bridges across State Highway 1 at the Northcote Road onramps and offramps. Construction on this section began in late 2019 and will be finished by early 2021.

Northcote safe cycle route bridges

Two bridges across SH1 at Northcote Road will connect communities and provide a safe shared path for pedestrians and people on bikes to access the many key destinations in the area.

In late 2019, Auckland Transport (AT) began construction of two walking and cycling bridges that cross SH1 at Northcote Road on/off ramps. They will sit on either side of the vehicle bridge that already exists.

These two bridges will complete the larger 5.2km Northcote Safe Cycle Route which begins at Smales Farm and runs along Northcote Road, Lake Road, Onewa Road, Queen Street and ends at Northcote Ferry Terminal.

The current footpaths are no longer appropriate for this busy section of road that gives access to several of the largest schools on the North Shore, Smales Farm Bus Station, Smales Farm Business Park, sports facilities, North Shore Hospital, and more.

The bridges will provide a 3.3 metre-wide, separated shared path on either side of the over bridge. They will make it safer for kids to get to school, encourage more people to walk and cycle, and allow enough capacity for now and into the future.

The works will also include:

  • the existing Northern Busway Bridge will be widened at the southbound on-ramp to allow for a shared path.
  • at the southbound off-ramp, the existing traffic island will be removed, the left movement will be signalised, and the existing footpath will be widened to include a shared path.
  • the lighting along the route will be upgraded (where possible).
  • the signalised intersections at the SH1 on/off ramps will be updated to include bikes.

Iwi design

Reuben Kirkwood of Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki Iwi has created a custom artwork that extends across the span of the bridges. The artwork represents visually at day and night the founding of the volcanic landscape in Tāmaki.

The Maori deities, Mataaho (keeper of earths secrets), Mahuika (deity of fire), and Rūamoko (deity of volcanoes), are acknowledged as alternating and interwoven threads depicting power, distortion, seismic upheaval, and the resulting creation of Pupuke.

Public engagement

AT sought public feedback on the Northcote Safe Cycle Route from 28 July until 29 August 2014.

In total, 790 feedback responses were received, including one submission from local residents that included a petition containing 1,400 signatures. We have carefully considered the feedback received through the public engagement process and as a result:

  • Made 14 changes to the design of the cycle route – one of these changes includes the major redesign of facilities along Queen Street.
  • Initiated 3 further investigations – one of these investigations covers investigations into several cycle routes suggested by respondents.
  • Initiated 1 further action – this is an education campaign for residents prior to the cycle route being open for public use.

We also worked closely with Kaipatiki Local Board when developing the design for the cycle route and as a result the board now fully supports the project.

For a full summary of the feedback received, AT’s responses to feedback and the resulting changes to the cycle route please read the public feedback and decisions report:

Download the Northcote Safe Cycle Route public feedback and decisions report (PDF 952KB)

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