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Orewa Boulevard safety improvements Orewa Boulevard safety improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) in partnership with Hibiscus and Bays Local Board want to make changes to Orewa Boulevard to improve safety and accessibility for all road users.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed Monday 22 June 2020.
Project zone: North.

Project overview

We are proposing changes to roads in Orewa Boulevard in order to improve safety and accessibility for all road users, especially vulnerable road users. Vulnerable road users include children, senior citizens, people on motorbikes, people walking and cycling.

The changes will make it safer for all road users to move between the beach, shops, and reserve.

80% of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50km/h local urban roads. Nearly half of those deaths and injuries involve vulnerable road users. We are committed to making the roads safer for all road users and these changes will help achieve this.

We have worked closely with Hibiscus and Bays Local Board and Destination Orewa Beach to look at these initiatives in partnership with the local community.

Orewa Boulevard and town centre safety improvements artist impression.
Caption: Orewa Boulevard and town centre safety improvements artist impression.

Project details

Orewa Boulevard

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board are leading and funding the Orewa Boulevard proposal which is a complementary project to the safety improvements. This initiative will better connect the reserve, shops, and beach together as well as adding 7 new car parks within a high demand area. The proposal will upgrade the area with a new paved footpath outside the shops and shared path through the reserve which will make it nicer and easier to walk and bike around.

The improvements proposed include:

  • extending the Orewa Boulevard from Riverside Road to Empire Road to connect the beach, shops, and reserve together. This will include a shared path on the beach side of Hibiscus Coast Highway and a new brick paved footpath on the shops side.
  • replacing the parallel carparking on the beach side of Hibiscus Coast Highway to angled parking and removing 5 carparks on the shops side of the road. This will still enable a total gain of 7 carparks.
  • upgrading the 2 pedestrian crossings on Hibiscus Coast Highway to raised zebra crossings for both pedestrians and people on bikes.
  • enabling the school bus stop outside the shops at 280 Hibiscus Coast Highway to be relocated to 6 Riverside Road and Intercity buses will be relocated to 288 Hibiscus Coast Highway. The Intercity bus stop on the beach side will be relocated opposite 260 Hibiscus Coast Highway.

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Orewa Boulevard map showing changes.

Detailed design plans of the Orewa Boulevard safety improvements

Public consultation

We asked for your feedback on the proposed changes to Orewa Boulevard. Local knowledge is very important to us and your feedback helps to ensure the best outcome as you live, work, shop and play in the area.

We asked for feedback from the 25 May – 22 June 2020 and received 205 submissions.

Consultation outcome

After considering public feedback we will progress the project should funding become available, subject to the following changes:

  • We will no longer relocate the school bus stop to 6 Riverside Road or the Intercity bus stop to 288 Hibiscus Coast Highway as different routes are now in place for these buses
  • We will construct a hard surface next to the mobility parking beside the new pedestrian crossing to help side loading/unloading from vans
  • The new brick footpath on the shops side of Hibiscus Coast Highway will be for people walking and won’t be shared with people on bikes. This is because the space is not sufficiently wide, and safety concerns were raised around it being too busy to be shared. We will encourage people biking to use the new shared path proposed on the beach side
  • The pedestrian crossings across Hibiscus Coast Highway will no longer be combined with a bike crossing given the shared path is just on the beach side of the road.

Once again, thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge.

Read the public feedback report here.

What happens next

The timeline for construction of the proposed changes has been deferred due to the impact of Covid 19 on the Local Board Capital Transport fund and so will not proceed in the 2020/21 financial year. Once the Regional Land Transport Plan is approved, Auckland Transport will seek the views of the Local Board about whether they wish to continue with the delivery of this project.  

AT will be in touch with residents and local businesses once we have confirmed the construction timeline.