Otahuhu town centre P60 Parking zone Otahuhu town centre P60 Parking zone

We are proposing to change the parking restrictions in Ōtāhuhu town centre. 

Project status: Investigation - feedback closed 23 June 2020.
Project zone: Central

Project overview

We recently conducted an extensive investigation into the current parking situation in Ōtāhuhu town centre streets and found:

  • Parking is confusing with different restrictions next to each other in a small area.
  • The signs for the different parking restrictions creates unnecessary visual clutter.
  • People are regularly over-staying the shorter parking limits leading to infringements.

We are proposing replacing the existing parking restrictions with a P60 zone. The map below shows the area where we are proposing to make changes.

We are seeking feedback specifically on parking and not the Ōtāhuhu town centre transformation project which is also currently taking place.

Other restrictions such as loading zones, bus stops and no stopping restrictions will not be affected by the new zone.

Project benefits

The proposal will improve Ōtāhuhu town centre by:

  • Making restrictions easy to understand in the town centre resulting in less confusion for visitors.
  • Reducing the number of signs which will make the town centre look better and less cluttered.
  • Aligns with customer requirements thereby reducing number of parking infringements.

Public feedback

After reviewing all the feedback, we are proceeding with the work as originally proposed. We’ll put together a plan for changing the signs in the town centre and send it to our contractors for installation. We are aiming to install the signs by November 2020.

Read the Otahuhu town centre P60 Parking zone public feedback report (PDF 868KB, 19 pages).

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