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Otahuhu town centre upgrade

The Ōtāhuhu town centre upgrade aims to transform the streets and public open spaces, making changes to roads and connections to provide better infrastructure for walking and cycling.

Consultation status: closed 6 September 2017.

Project status: Investigation
Project zone: South

Gt South Rd Park Ave Intersection

Image: Artist's impression of the Great South Road and Park Avenue intersection.

Project overview

The Ōtāhuhu area will experience significant growth over the next 30 years and beyond. We want to revitalise and enhance the town centre to make sure it is ready for the changes ahead and provide more transport choices so you can safely and easily get to work, school, your local shops or park.

The upgrade focuses on Ōtāhuhu’s main street along Great South Road from Princes Street to Atkinson Avenue, Station Road, and Mason Avenue, with improvements that will provide better connections between public transport facilities, businesses, key community facilities, and public open spaces.

The upgrade is an Auckland Council project that will be delivered by Auckland Transport (AT).

Key features

  • Shared cycling/walking path along the southern side of Station Road and Mason Avenue.
  • Safety improvements for public transport users, pedestrians, and people on bikes.
  • Enhancements to the street environment for pedestrians and street-based retail.


  • Improved connectivity through the centre and to Ōtāhuhu Station.
  • Better walking and cycling connections.
  • A more attractive town centre for businesses, residents, and others.
  • Reflect the area's rich history and cultural diversity.

Map of the project area

Otahuhu town centre map

Upgrade features

Walking and cycling path

We propose to install a (approximately) 3.5m-wide shared cycling and walking path along the southern side of Station Road and Mason Avenue.

The path will connect the main street on Great South Road, the community facilities on Mason Avenue (including Tōia recreation precinct), Ōtāhuhu bus and train stations, and Ōtāhuhu Primary School on Station Road.

The path will also help accommodate the increase in foot traffic resulting from the construction of Ōtāhuhu Station and the bus stops on Avenue Road.

Road changes

  • Remove the roundabout and install traffic signals at the intersection of Great South Road and Princes Street.
  • Narrow the width of the road to slow traffic speeds.

Safety improvements

  • Build out (extend) kerbs to reduce crossing distances at intersections and pedestrian crossings.
  • Change pedestrian crossing signals to allow more time for people to cross the road.
  • Improve street lighting to help with safety at night.

Improvements for pedestrians and street-based retail

  • Widen the footpath at key locations.
  • Create a consistent and uncluttered footpath surface.
  • Remove pedestrian fencing near intersections.
  • Incorporate new or enhanced public spaces at the intersection of Great South Road with Atkinson Avenue and Park Avenue, Criterion Square, and at the intersection of Great South Road and Princes Street.
  • Use a range of good-quality, durable materials to reduce on-going maintenance and operational costs.
  • Improve street and town centre signage to help visitors find their way around. This will include feature wayfinding signage to highlight mana whenua presence in Ōtāhuhu.

Changes to on-street parking

To make space for the proposed improvements to the town centre, we will need to remove of some on-street parking spaces.

Of the over 900 on-street parking spaces in and around the project area, we propose removing:

  • Approximately 25 parking spaces from Great South Road (25% of the current spaces).
  • Approximately 48 parking spaces from Station Road (50% of the current spaces).
  • Approximately 44 parking spaces from Mason Avenue (65% of the current spaces).

We will take care to minimise parking removal. It is important to note that the town centre benefits from a considerable amount of off-street public parking, which can help to accommodate any additional parking demand.

Planting and changes to street trees

As part of the town centre upgrade, we will plant native species to enhance local character and improve the environment and biodiversity. This will also provide a series of green links around the town centre.

We propose to:

  • Remove 41 fan palms on Great South Road and replace them with 58 native street trees to be planted at regular intervals to provide order to the street environment. The fan palms are very tall and difficult to maintain. In addition, falling palm fronds have put pedestrians at risk and caused damage to cars and buildings
  • Remove the two Cook pine trees, in Criterion Square and at the intersection of Great South Road and Atkinson Avenue, to improve visibility and increase usable public space
  • Relocate or remove up to 10 totara trees on Station Road to accommodate footpath widening on the northern side, and to provide a continuous 3.5m wide shared path on the southern side. A total of 38 new native trees will be planted on Station Road.
  • Plant 20 new native trees on Mason Avenue. No tree removal is planned for this street.

Design images

Great South Road

Great South Road proposed

Great South Road and Princes Street intersection

Northern Square

Proposed Northern gateway

Great South Road and Station Road intersection

Great South Road Station Road intersection

Station Road / Great South Road intersection

Criterion Square (Great South Road and Criterion Street intersection)

Criterion Square

Great South Road and Atkinson Avenue intersection

Southern Square

Station Road / Moa Street / Mason Avenue intersection

Station Road / Moa Road / Mason Avenue intersection

Station Road and Walmsley Road intersection

Station Road Walmsley Road intersection

Mason Avenue

Mason Avenue proposed

Mason Avenue around the Tōia recreation precinct


Scheme plans

The draft scheme plans show detailed design concepts along the various streets.

Download the overview plan and find the code for the area of the upgrade you want to see in detail.

Outside scope of the project

Former Ōtāhuhu Bus Station

Auckland Council and AT are working together to make the most of the former Ōtāhuhu Bus Station site between Avenue Road and King Street. At this stage, we do not have plans for this land. Consideration will be given to the needs of the community as a whole, and how this location supports the growth of Ōtāhuhu.

Development of this site will be a separate Auckland Council project.

Park and ride near Ōtāhuhu Station

AT continues with its mission to provide better transport options for all Aucklanders, and transport hubs like Ōtāhuhu Station are at the heart of this transformation.

One of the key objectives of this project is to make it easier to get to and from the Ōtāhuhu Station by foot, bike, or bus.

Any further improvements to the station will be a separate AT project.


We asked for your feedback to help us improve and refine the design of the Ōtāhuhu town centre upgrade.

Feedback closed on Wednesday 6 September 2017.

After feedback closes

We will consider all feedback and use it to help refine the design of the Ōtāhuhu town centre upgrade. We will also publish a report on the feedback, including any changes made to the proposal following the feedback period. If you provide your contact details when you give us feedback we will notify you when the report is available.

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