Papakura lift shaft improvements Papakura lift shaft improvements

Work at Papakura Station will improve the reliability of the lifts that provide access to the platforms and pedestrian bridge. This work will start towards the end of July 2020 and take approximately 10 weeks to complete.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: South

Project overview

Water leaking into the lift shafts has been an ongoing issue at Papakura Station. This has led to the lifts being frequently out of service.

The improvement work will see new roofs and canopies put in place, and a small concrete wall constructed at ground level. This work will prevent future water leaks, improving reliability and customer experience.

The work will start with the lift shaft on platform 3, adjacent to the ticket office, before moving to the shaft on the central platforms (platforms 1 and 2).


  • Lifts are made more reliable.
  • Removal of existing unsightly scaffold canopy.
  • Better protection from weather at lift entrances.


  • July 2020 – work starts on the platform 3 lift shaft.
  • Start September 2020 – platform 3 lift shaft work is completed.
  • Start September 2020 – work starts on the platform 1 and 2 lift shaft.
  • Mid October 2020 – work is completed.

Project details

The project team is currently working towards understanding whether each lift will need to be out of service while the works are being undertaken, and for how long.

It may be possible that the work can be carried out while the lifts remain in service. The project team will have a better understanding of this in the coming weeks, as work is progressed on the lift on platform 3. Platform 3 has a ramp as an alternative access to/from other platforms.

Papakura Station customers will be updated with access details for platforms 1 and 2 prior to the work starting on that lift shaft.

Impact on Papakura Station customers

Auckland Transport aims to limit, as much as possible, the disruption caused by the work. However, customers who use the lifts should allow extra time for their journeys as alternative routes may take longer.

When the lift on platform 3 is being improved, to access other platforms, customers can use:

  • The ramp to the north of platform 3 – signage will be provided to help you find your way.
  • The stairs next to the lift.

Download the Papakura lift route map (PDF 1.2MB)

The lift on platforms 1 and 2 will remain in service while this initial piece of work is being completed. If you have any questions, please speak to a member of staff or call Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553.

This page will be updated prior to the work starting on the lift shaft for platforms 1 and 2.

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