Papakura town centre P90 Parking zone Papakura town centre P90 Parking zone

Auckland Transport is proposing to change the parking restrictions in Papakura town centre.

Project status: Consultation - Feedback closed on 10 May 2021
Project zone: South.

Public engagement 

We consulted on this proposal from 12 April 2021 to 10 May 2021 and received 175 public submissions. 

Consultation outcome 

We have taken your feedback on board and will be proceeding with the proposal with the following minor changes: 

  • In response to concerns that the proposal will cause issues for workers and suggestions surrounding the exclusion of some streets in the zone, we have made changes to the P90 parking zone boundary. The new boundary now excludes part of Queen Street, Elliot Street and Wood Street. The new boundary can be seen in red in the drawing below. 
  • To improve parking accessibility for those who are making a quick stop, we are retaining three P10 parking spaces on Great South Road.  
  • All other proposed changes will remain the same. 

Detailed information on the feedback received, and AT's responses to the issues and concerns raised are now available in the public feedback report.

Next steps  

We anticipate the proposed changes will be implemented by mid-December 2021. This is dependent on Auckland’s alert level status. We will be in touch with residents and businesses about 2 weeks prior to when the changes will take effect if required. 

Once again, thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge.  

Download the proposal drawing

Project overview

We are proposing to replace the existing parking restrictions with a P90 zone.

We recently conducted an extensive investigation into the current parking situation in Papakura town centre streets and found:

  • parking may be confusing with different restrictions next to each other in a small area,
  • the signs for the different parking restrictions creates unnecessary visual clutter,
  • people are regularly over-staying the shorter parking limits leading to infringements.

We are seeking feedback on these parking changes.

These changes will affect on-street carparks only. Other restrictions such as loading zones, designated car parks, bus stops and no stopping restrictions will not be affected by the new zone.


The proposal will improve Papakura town centre by:

  • making restrictions easy to understand in the town centre resulting in less confusion for visitors,
  • reducing the number of signs which will make the town centre look better and less cluttered,
  • aligns with customer requirements thereby reducing the number of parking infringements.

Proposed changes

  • A P90 parking zone will apply (8 am - 6 pm, Monday to Sunday) on sections of O'Shannessey Street, Great South Road, Queen Street, East Street, Wood Street, Elliot Street, Broadway, and Averill Street that replaces the existing parking restrictions with a blanket P90 parking restriction.
  • A mobility park will be moved from Ron Keat Drive to Railway Street West to provide better access to Papakura Train Station.
  • The P90 zone includes on-street parking only. The car parks on Averill Street, O'Shannessey Street and East Street will not be included in the P90 zone.
  • A Public Service Vehicle (PSV) space on Elliot St will be removed and replaced with P90.

Map of P90 Parking zone in Papakura town centre

Map showing P90 parking zone area in Papakura Town Centre

Public feedback

Feedback closed Monday, 10 May 2021.

After feedback closes

We'll listen to all the feedback we receive, and then decide the best way to move forward. If you provide contact details we'll let you what the outcome is and provide a report on what you've told us.

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