Parking changes for Eden Terrace Parking changes for Eden Terrace

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing changes to parking management on the streets around the Eden Terrace.

Project status: Consultation - closed 28 September 2020
Project zone: Central

Project Decisions

After considering the public feedback we are recommending to progress with the project through to implementation, subject to the following changes:

  • Amending the tariff to 50c an hour flat rate.
  • Operating hours remain the same (Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm)

Also, there are a number of time restrictions within the zone currently operating Monday to Sunday. The proposed paid parking zone would replace these restrictions on a Monday to Friday, therefore the time restrictions on a Saturday and Sunday where applicable, would remain in force.

Next Steps:

AT will be in touch with residents and local businesses about 2 weeks before the changes to the parking take effect, if required. At this stage we expect the changes to take effect by end of June 2021.

Download the Report on Public Feedback (PDF 1.7MB)

Project overview

To help manage the high demand for parking within this area, Auckland Transport (AT) proposes to introduce paid parking restriction. Introducing paid parking to this area will ensure parking is well-used, but people can still easily find a space.

Project details

The proposed changes are in line with how AT manages on-street parking across Auckland. Our aim is to have an average of 85% of the parking spaces occupied at peak times (during the four busiest hours of the day), meaning around one in seven parking spaces will be available. This is an internationally recognised approach to managing on-street parking.

On-street parking around Eden Terrace is in high demand. When we surveyed the area, we found that the average peak occupancy on weekdays was 96% (i.e. between 11am and 3pm). This means people often can’t find a park and become frustrated. Traffic congestion also increases as people drive around searching for a parking space. We have received a few complaints about poor and illegal parking behaviour in the area.

We are proposing flexible parking management solutions to improve parking availability and behaviour.

Paid parking with no time limits helps manage demand and is a flexible way to manage parking. It works really well in areas with high parking demand and limited parking spaces.

Time restrictions don’t work for people as people regularly overstay the time restrictions and risk being issued a parking ticket.

Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) are suitable in fringe heritage suburbs where properties are on a single title, have no off-street parking and are zoned as residential in the Auckland Unitary plan (AUP). The area within this proposal is zoned as business mixed use and while we appreciate that there may be residential elements within the proposed area these tend to be of an intensified nature which would inevitably bring an unsustainable demand for permits should they be offered.


  • Parking demand is managed and parking availability is improved.
  • The tariff can be adjusted to manage the parking demand.
  • Parking can be shared between staff, residents, visitors and commuters.
  • No time limits, pay for what you need.
  • Motorists are encouraged to consider other transport options such as public transport, carpooling, cycling or walking.
  • Reduced congestion from vehicles circulating the area looking for parking.
  • A 10-minutes grace period is given to allow for pick-ups and drop offs.

Parking changes for Eden Terrace map

About paid parking zones

Paid parking helps to manage parking demand by encouraging people to consider alternative ways of getting to their destination. This increases turnover of parking and improves availability for those who need to drive and park in the area.

The price of parking (the tariff) is determined using our demand-responsive pricing policy outlined in the AT Parking Strategy. We will monitor parking demand in the area and adjust the tariff up or down to maintain an average of around 85% peak parking occupancy.

Introducing paid parking now will also make it easier to respond to future changes in demand. We anticipate population growth in the Eden Terrace in the coming years, so it is important that we have a flexible parking management plan in place.

The parking zone would cover on-street public parking within the zone. Please note that the proposal does not recommend changes to other restrictions in the area such as loading zones, shared vehicles, taxi stands, bus parking, bus stops and broken yellow lines. We also recognise that at times some on-street parking will not be available due to CRL operations or will be permanently removed.

Days & time of operation 0-2 hours 2+ hours
Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm $1 per hour $2 per hour

AT Park app

The AT Park app for iPhone and Android smartphones makes it easier to pay for on-street parking. We will still install pay by plate machines, but you will also have the option to pay for parking using the AT Park app.

AT Park app features:

  • Pay only for the time you use.
  • Get text reminders when your parking is due to expire.
  • Easy-to-use map with parking locations and prices.
  • No transaction fees.

Read more information and download the app.

Pay by plate parking

All parking machines installed would be pay by plate machines.
Pay by plate parking is an easy, paperless system that works on your vehicle’s registration number.
To pay for parking, you enter your registration (licence plate) number into the parking machine and pay for the amount of time you wish to park. The machines accept credit and debit cards and include ‘tap and go’ technology for Visa payWave and Mastercard PayPass. Some machines will still accept coins, but text-a-park will no longer be available.

Public engagement

We wanted your feedback to help us improve and refine the proposal. Local knowledge will give us a better understanding of the area, the community’s parking needs and any improvements that can be made to the design.

Feedback closed 28 September 2020.

After feedback closes

  • We will analyse all of the feedback and use it to help refine the proposal.
  • We will prepare a report on the feedback received and any changes made to the proposal which will be published online. If you provided your contact details when giving us feedback, we will notify you when the report is available.

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