Parnell Cycleway and residential parking zone Parnell Cycleway and residential parking zone

Auckland Transport (AT) is creating a new residential parking zone in Parnell and investigating a cycling connection between Parnell and the city centre.

Project status: Parnell cycleway - on hold, Residential parking zone - implemented
Project zone: Central

Project overview

This project has 2 components:

      1. Parnell cycleway - A safe, separated cycling connection between Parnell Road and Tamaki Drive.
      2. Parnell residential parking zone - A residential parking zone in Parnell, prioritising on-street parking for residents, local businesses and visitors.


  • Better connection between Parnell and Auckland’s city centre for cyclists.
  • More transport choices for Aucklanders.
  • Better sharing of on-street parking between residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • Discourage commuter parking.
  • Reduce congestion and stresses associated with living and working in an area of high parking demand.


  • November/December 2016: Public feedback.
  • June 2017: Workshop for the Parnell Cycleway.
  • December 2017: Implementation of the Parnell residential parking zone.

Public engagement

From 30 November to 23 December 2016, we sought community feedback on proposed Parnell Cycleway and residential parking zone.

Feedback results

In total, we received 789 feedback submissions.

Feedback about the proposed cycleway design indicated some community concerns. As a result of this, we have decided to revisit the design to develop one that has community support.

We received good support for the residential parking zone and we proceeded with its introduction, with a minor boundary change to include St Georges Bay Road. There was significant call for this street to be included.

Download the feedback report (PDF 952KB, 38 pages)

Next steps

In March 2019 there was a review of the funding for cycle projects in the Auckland region. The outcome of the prioritisation analysis proved that this project needs to be put on hold, with no funding allocated towards it. This decision was endorsed by the AT Board in May 2019.

Should the cycleway be reconsidered in future, we will come back to the community for feedback.

This residential parking zone was implemented in December 2017. We contacted local residents and businesses prior to this to explain how to apply for parking permits.

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