Pigeon Mountain Road metering signals Pigeon Mountain Road metering signals

Auckland Transport (AT) installed metering signals on Pigeon Mountain Road in Half Moon Bay for southbound traffic departing the ferry terminal.

The signals became operational on 18 August 2016.

Project status: Completed.
Project zone: East

Project details

Metering signals have been installed near Stand Children's Village and only turn red when triggered by long queues on Sunderlands Road and in the right-turn bays on Pigeon Mountain Road (at the Prince Regent Drive and Argo Drive intersections). Otherwise, the signals remain green.

The signals, when red, provide breaks in traffic flows departing the ferry terminal and allow vehicles to safely turn into and out of local roads.

The signals are only operational during the evening peak: 4pm to 6.30pm weekdays.

Other changes

To allow the installation of the signals, 15 car parking spaces have been removed from Pigeon Mountain Road outside the children’s village.

A clearway opposite the village also operates between 4pm and 6:30pm on weekdays.

Further up Pigeon Mountain Road (towards the Half Moon Bay ferry terminal), AT has widened footpaths and realigned kerbs.

We have added high friction surface treament to the intersection of Pigeon Mountain Road and Argo Drive, as well as installing detector loops around the Pigeon Mountain Road / Sunderlands Road intersection.

Map of changes on Pigeon Mountain Road

Pigeon Mountain Road Works

The project is being completed jointly by AT and the Howick Local Board.


The metering signals:

  • Reduce delay for vehicles turning into and out of Sunderlands Road and Prince Regent Drive.
  • Reduce delay for vehicles turning into Argo Drive.
  • Improve traffic congestion along the Pigeon Mountain Road.
  • Improve safety for pedestrians crossing Pigeon Mountain Road.

Project background

Following an onsite meeting between the Mayor, residents and AT in 2013, AT ran a traffic study to determine how to reduce problems with queuing vehicles. AT proposed some intersection improvements and implemented these in mid-2015.

The study also recommended the installation of metering signals on the southbound lane of Pigeon Mountain Road north of Compass Point Way. The metering signals are similar to those already in use around Auckland on motorway on-ramps.

AT held public consultation on the proposed signals in March 2015.

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