Pt Chev to city cycle improvements feedback Pt Chev to city cycle improvements feedback

Feedback summary

We invited feedback on the proposal between Monday 7 March and Thursday 31 March (later extended to Tuesday 5 April) 2016. Feedback came via online feedback forms, hardcopy feedback forms, and virtual map pins.

In total, 865 feedback submissions were received:

  • 443 via hardcopy freepost feedback forms.
  • 254 via the online survey.
  • 93 forwarded from Generation Zero.

There were also 484 pins placed on the online map by 75 individual submitters (who in some cases submitted multiple pins).

Download the Pt Chevalier to City Fringe cycle improvements public feedback and decisions report (PDF 353KB) 

Suggested routes and issues or concerns

5,332 route suggestions were identified by submitters. When reoccurring routes were grouped together this amounted to 381 different proposed routes.

Submitters also identified 2,681 issues or concerns that put them off cycling in the area. When these issues or concerns were grouped together based on location, 303 different issues or concerns were identified in various locations across the proposed network.

Feedback summary maps

Route suggestions and issues or concerns identified in the feedback are represented in two feedback summary maps.

Feedback Summary Map 1 shows:

  • the suggested routes and number of mentions.
  • the locations where issues or concerns were raised, and number of mentions. 

Feedback Map1 Small

Feedback Summary map 2 shows:

  • Locations where issues or concerns were raised and the number of mentions.
  • An ID number for each location.

This ID number can be cross-referenced with the corresponding ID number in the Issues and concerns list (XLSX 44KB), which shows details of each issue or concern (in alphabetical order by street)

Feedback Map2 Small

Revised cycle network

We have used all of the submitted feedback to help develop a revised network map. The Revised Cycle Network map shows the new routes, and when we expect to work on them. 

Network Map Small

Funding is now available to proceed with investigation and construction of the following sections by the end of 2018: 

  • Pt Chevalier to Herne Bay (from the intersection of Great North Road and Pt Chevalier Road, onto Meola Road, up Garnet Road, onto West End Road to the roundabout with Jervois Road).
  • Garnet Road, Old Mill Road and Surrey Crescent.
  • Great North Road (from Surrey Crescent to Ponsonby Road).
  • Hopetoun Street.
  • Franklin Road.
  • Herne Bay to Westhaven.
  • Richmond Road (from Surrey Crescent to Mokau Street).
  • Grey Lynn Greenways route (from West End Road to Williamson Avenue through Cox’s Bay Park, Bayfield Park, Hukanui Reserve and Grey Lynn Park).

Due to funding constraints we cannot develop the entire cycle network at once Many of these planned routes have existing maintenance work scheduled and wherever possible we will develop the cycle routes at the same time to minimise the disruption for residents.

We will offer further feedback opportunities as we design, plan and schedule the work required for specific routes.

More about the project

Find out more about the history of the project, and the next steps on the Pt Chev to City cycle improvement project page.

For more information on the project

Contact Auckland Transport