Portage Road cycle lane Portage Road cycle lane

The proposal to install a cycleway along Portage Road is part of the Auckland Transport programme to upgrade and improve the cycle network within the region.

Project overview

The project aims to upgrade and improve the cycle network within this area of Auckland by extending the existing cycle facility on Portage Road corridor in a way that increases safety for cyclists and also attract more people cycling in the area. The cycleway will be built between Neville Street and Kinross Street.

Features and benefits

These features are to be confirmed at a later stage.

  • Approximately 670m of road widening, recessed parking and service relocation between Neville Street and Golf Road.

  • Auckland Transport carried out a parking survey for this section of the road to determine parking requirements, with the following findings:

    • Parking is provided on the both sides of Portage Road between Neville Street and Hill Crescent. Four spaces with parking restrictions (P60). 

    • Parking is provided on Portage Road between Hill Crescent and Golf Road.

    • A total of approximately 64 parking spaces will be available for all day parking and the expected usage is less than 28%.

    • Parking will be also available on both sides of Portage Road between Golf Road and Kinross Street. No changes to existing set-up.

  • No cycle lane facility on the west side of Portage Road between Golf Road and Kinross Street. Cyclists to use the shared path on the eastern side of the section.

  • Loss of existing flush median between Hill Crescent and 159 Portage Road.


Comments on this proposal were invited to be submitted by 5 June 2012. A total of 405 letters was sent to property owners and occupiers and 29 responses were received. AT obtained the approval to proceed with the detailed design phase for the project, taking into account recommendations from the project delivery group based on the public feedback.


Map of Portage Road cycle improvements

The concept design of on-road cycle lanes, which Auckland Transport considered to be the best for this section of Portage Road, has already been implemented on the same road between Clark Street and Neville Street.

The section of Portage Road between Neville Street and Kinross Street is currently a gap in an otherwise well planned and continuous network. Cycle lanes usually provide a dedicated space for cyclists on the road and it is usually about 1.5m wide and on both sides of the road. It is illegal for motor vehicles to drive or park on these lanes at any time and it is illegal for cyclists to cycle on the footpath.

The option of a shared path (widening the footpath so that pedestrians and cyclists are on the same path) is not preferred for the whole section of the project because there are too many existing driveways directly on Portage Road with visibility restrictions.

There are also several locations along the proposed route that are too narrow to implement an appropriate width shared path. Shared path facility provided in two locations only (Portage Rd/ Bolton St and Portage Rd/Golf Rd roundabouts) as the exiting road width would not allow the cyclists to stay on-road.