Konini School project Konini School project

This Nga Tiriti Ngangahau funded project will give tamariki safer options for getting to and from Konini School. 

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About this project

The Nga Tiriti Ngangahau project involves installing safety improvements like:

  • upgraded crossings
  • speed humps to slow traffic
  • better signage
  • wayfinding
  • additional lighting.

This project aims to:

  • get more tamariki walking or cycling to school
  • reduce car trips to school by the local community, which will lower congestion at the school gate and cut air pollution
  • build trust with parents and tamariki that it’s safe and enjoyable to walk and cycle to school using local streets and walkways.

Co-exploring, co-designing, and co-delivering with you

This project will take place across 5 stages:

  • connect
  • explore
  • design
  • test and trial
  • implement.



This involves building relationships with the school and surrounding community.

We'll find out:

  • Who needs to be involved in this project?
  • What role will they be taking on? 


Kо̄rero with parents, tamariki, community members

  • What are the current concerns, behaviours, and needs?
  • How can we get more kids riding, walking, and scootering to school?


  • What's feasible for us to deliver together?
  • What kind of opportunities are there?
  • How could we make the biggest impact?

Feedback from whānau and community

Test and trial

  • Measuring the effectiveness of these solutions, how are they working?
  • Are the solutions making a difference?
  • What might we need to change? 


  • How long will these solutions be in place?
  • What change or impact are we seeing over time?

The Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau - The Vibrant Streets Programme

The first stage of the cycleway project is part of Auckland Council’s Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau (NTN) - The Vibrant Streets Programme. We will deliver this project.

NTN is aligned to Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan. The plan aims to reduce transport emissions by improving access to active modes (such as cycling or walking) and infrastructure.

In the 2021 to 2031 10-year Budget, Auckland Council allocated $152 million of new spending on climate change initiatives over 10 years.

NTN is a $3 million, 3 year programme covering 7 projects across Auckland. We are delivering this programme as part of this climate action package.

Next steps

  • 2022: Connect and explore
  • 2023: Design, Test and Trial, Implement