Quay Street Cycleway extension project updates Quay Street Cycleway extension project updates


19 January

Work continues for Quay Street Cycleway extension

Work has resumed on Quay Street today.

To create a safe working zone around the three median islands, a traffic lane on both sides of the medians between Plumer Street and The Strand has been closed to traffic until Tuesday 23 January.

The work involves preparing the remaining ten trees in the median, before moving them to their new locations.

Traffic along Quay Street at this time of the year is lighter than usual but delays should be expected. Access to side streets and businesses along this section of Quay Street will remain open.

Auckland Transport was granted resource consent to relocate the trees in September 2017 by independent commissioners, following a hearings process. The consent conditions addresses submitters concern with the relocation and transplanting of trees.

Quay Street is a connection to Auckland’s city centre, shared by pedestrians, trucks, buses, cars, and bikes. The cycleway extension will complement the different users for the street, keeping Quay Street moving and enabling cyclist safety.

Preparation of the trees and their transplanting is done under the supervision of qualified arborists. Four trees from Quay Street were successfully moved to new locations last week.

How the trees are prepared for transplanting

  • Prior to excavating the root balls of the trees, the trees will be sprayed with a product.
  • The root balls are excavated carefully and primarily by hand with the assistance of a small excavator where required.
  • The excavated root ball is wrapped to reduce soil moisture loss before transporting to the new location.

16 January

Two trees have been replanted in Teal Park. The rest are being prepped to be removed over the coming weeks.

AT have an after-care programme in place to look after and maintain the relocated trees for 36 months after replanting.

Read more about the replanting: Our Auckland - First trees replanted in Teal Park.

8 January

Construction begins today on the Quay Street Cycleway extension.

We expect the extension to take 6 months to complete.