Quay Street seawall works Quay Street seawall works

Auckland Transport is undertaking utility service investigations along the northern side of Quay Street's footpath, from Princes Wharf to Marsden Wharf in Auckland City Centre.

Project status: Investigation
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Auckland Transport is undertaking work to dig a total of 16 shallow trenches in three sections along the northern side of Quay Street's footpath, from Princes Wharf and progress towards Marsden Wharf.

Each trench will be 2 metres deep by 1 metre wide and vary in length from 3 metres to 11 metres. Each trench will take up to 7 days to complete and there may be up to 3 trenches open at any time.

The project will provide information into planning for the seismic strengthening programme for the seawall, due to start in late 2018.

What you need to know

  • Construction hours will be Monday to Sunday from 7am to 5pm.
  • Footpath access will be maintained at all times.
  • Retail entrance will be maintained at all times.
  • Mesh fencing will be erected around the trench to keep the public safe.
  • There will be some truck movements to and from the site.
  • There will be some construction noise when the airvac is used to shift debris. We will advise affected businesses in advance of the tool being operated and will work to keep the disruption to a minimum.

Site map

Map shows approximate trench locations along Quay Street. Section 1: 7 trenches between Princes Wharf and Queens Wharf. Section 2: 5 trenches along Queens Wharf. Section 3: 4 trenches from before Captain Cook Wharf to Marsden Wharf. For more specific information contact Cherie Armer on email: Cherie.Armer@jfcltd.co.nz or mobile 021 420 408.
Download the Quay Street seawall works site map (JPG 193KB)

  • Section 1: Near Princes Wharf to Queens Wharf (7 trenches).
  • Section 2: Along Queens Wharf (5 trenches).
  • Section 3: Before Captain Cook Wharf to Marsden Wharf (4 trenches).


The seismic strengthening upgrade future proofs the sea wall, safeguarding Auckland's waterfront for the next 100 years.


  • 25 June 2018 - Works begin on Section 1: Near Princes Wharf.
  • Early September 2018 - expected completion date.

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